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My Predictions For 2012, Done In Fun


I was surfing around the web today and I saw a few predictions for 2012 on couple of sites. None of them predicted something I would of chuckled at. On most of them I found myself shaking my head gloomily especially when one said Mitt Romney would be elected president. (Yeah, I also moaned miserably on that one too.)


I would like to see some predictions with some hope for a better future so here is what I am going to predict for 2012. Please, remember this is done in fun. I am not a prophetess and don’t claim to be.

  1. The NAACP’s shenanigans will backfire on them in 2012. Not to mention, their race card will be taken away because they are overdrawn and haven’t paid their card bill for a couple months.

  2. As for CAIR, I won’t mention all the terrible things I see happening to them.  I will,   however, mention their "’Poor is me’ card and race card will be taken away like the NAACP’s, they became overdrawn and late on their card payments.

  3. Attorney General Eric Holder will be impeached and prosecuted for his dealings in Operation Fast and Furious. By the way, his race card is stolen by someone in his Department Of Justice.  It wasn’t revealed to me who it was.

  4. Occupy Wall Street will burn down the Gray Lady because they didn’t like something that Paul Krugman wrote.  Also the word “slander” and being part of the 1%comes to my mind for their other reasons.

  5. The citizens of the U.S. vote to have the Senate and the House wear NASCAR suits with logos of what companies who own their Senators and Congressperson on it. It was a mistake some mystery person put on every ballot. Needless to say, every voter was coming out of the polls laughing in my vision.

  6. Obama’s re-election campaign turns into a disaster. 2012 will be disaster year for Obama. Obama will become afraid to touch anything because it will become one mess up after another not even his race card will work. It will be like he is cursed. 

  7. The Washington Post will learn Amnesty International are aliens from outer space and wanting to take over the world. Plus this thing they have against George W. Bush it turns out they just wanted him for supper, literally.

  8. Mitt Romney will not become the runner against Obama for president. Romney tried hard but the people won. No, unfortunately, I didn’t see who got the chance to run against Obama.

  9. I won’t tell you what happened to Ron Paul but I will let you know it isn’t pretty when the media turns into sharks.

  10. The Secretary Of Homeland Security will be prosecuted for her role in Operation Fast and Furious. There will be pictures of her being taken in handcuffs a hollering and a screaming.  I can tell you the Secretary Of Homeland Security ain’t no lady from my vision.

I hope you had fun reading my predictions. Remember it was done on fun and I am not a prophetess. It was something I cooked up to get people out of this hopelessness. Things will get better after the worst. Have hope.  And have a Happy New Year.

Humphrey Bogart-Navy




Bogart followed his love for the sea and enlisted in the United States Navy in the spring of 1918. He recalled later, “At eighteen, war was great stuff. Paris! French girls! Hot damn!” Bogart is recorded as a model sailor.  Bogart spent most of his months in the Navy after the Armistice was signed, ferrying troops back from Europe.

Unhappy New Year


Unhappy New Year written by Jeffrey Folks.


Most economists predict that, under current policies, the nation's unemployment rate will be close to 9% through the end of 2012, with the broader measure of unemployment (U-6) running above 16%. GDP growth is predicted to be sluggish, in the range of 2%. Government will continue to lay off workers as growth stagnates and tax receipts remain flat. In short, the economy will remain lousy.


It doesn't have to be this way.


The President, whose fiscal restraint was on display this week during his $4 million taxpayer-funded Hawaiian vacation, has no idea about how to manage the nation's finances and promote economic growth. Faced with the longest slump since the Great Depression, his solution is to raise taxes and increase spending. The only thing he's managed to get done lately is extending the payroll tax cut for two months and continuing to fund 99-week unemployment benefits.


Read more: 


This article was found on the American Thinker.

Political Suicide


Political Suicide by Mike Foil


“Political Suicide - the concept that a politician or political party would lose widespread support and confidence from the voting public by proposing actions that are seen as unfavorable or that might threaten the status quo… Cynics may blame this concept as a reason for a lack of real change or progress in society and that actions described as political suicide are usually sound intentions shot down by reactionism and fear of change.” Wikipedia

On a regular basis we hear that someone has or has almost committed “political suicide”. It is common to then hear a follow-up comment about those who only came close to this fatal mistake, “We cannot expect them to follow through as that would be political suicide.”


Just what does that comment imply? We are being told that it would be unreasonable for us to expect that politician to actually do what they said they would do because the result would likely end their political career. To take that one step further, it means; keeping a promise made or taking a bold step, which may be a career ending move, is not something we can honestly expect a politician to do. Why? Because we have to realize that their careers are more important than doing what is best for the country as a whole. 


Read more 


This article came from the Canada Free Press.

2012: ‘The Year of the Scare’


I like the way Judi McLeod (Canada Free Press) writes. Her writing makes sense to me. Here is one of her articles I like.


2012: ‘The Year of the Scare’


2012 is about to come hurtling into our lives. If the coming New Year could be defined, before even being played out, it would be called ‘The Year of the Scare’.


With a myriad of sources vying to capture the attention of everyday people, it will get very difficult sorting out what is true and what is false.


Stories about government watch lists will join warnings about coming communication blackouts, the death of the worldwide web, the return of the plague, contagious influenza with the power to kill off world populations, bloody revolutions on the street imposed by shady powers behind the well-funded, media darling Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Movement.


By the time a modern day Samuel Pepys happens along to make sense of it all, events will have frightened some people from coming out of their homes.


People are being deliberately kept on the edge. People kept on the edge are not as productive as they would be on an even playing field.


Read More

Journalistic Propaganda Machine Of The Day (12-30-2011)


  1. NY Times crisis becomes farce

  2. Washington Post Also Apologizes for Story Linking Romney to the KKK

  3. NBC Paints Santorum’s Pro-Life Abortion Views as Extreme

Former Girl Scout Exposes Liberal Bias In Girl Scout Organization


Obama Drama Of The Day (12-30-2011)



  1. Obama: I’ll Break the Laws I Sign to Keep Violating the Constitution


  3. Unreal… Obama Administration Steps Up Surrender Meetings With the Taliban

  4. Obama needs heave-ho

  5. Obama Delaying Request To Hike Debt Ceiling By Another $1.2 Trillion…

  6. No Friend of the Middle Class

My List Of Articles I Read On December 30, 2011


  1. Our Growing Police State

  2. 2012- The Mess Gets Messier

  3. Unhappy New Year

  4. Americans identify with GOP positions more than Democrats

  5. Gulf Coast rebound defies Obama's doomsaying

  6. 2011 - Not the Best Year for America

  7. Political Suicide

  8. 2012- ‘The Year of the Scare’

  9. Running For Cover: Obama/Hillary? Vs. ?/?

  10. Lawsuit filed to put Newt Gingrich on the Primary Ballot in Virginia

  11. It’s All Over But the Voting

  12. Abortion Practitioners Charged With Murder in Two States

  13. Dionne- GOP race may be over already

  14. Iowa's evangelicals moving to Santorum

  15. Alert raised around Alaska volcano

  16. Ron Paul gets the coveted former KKK Grand Wizard and Louisiana Congressman David Duke endorsement

  17. Report- Obama administration considering release of alleged mass murderer in attempt to jump start talks with Taliban

  18. Pelosi 'will leave the Democratic leadership by the end of 2012'

  19. Government Officials Want You to Know that Your Earnings Belong to Them

  20. Judicial Watch’s ‘Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians’ for 2011- House Edition

  21. Boneheads Of The Day

  22. Hamas now decides just how much free speech you’re allowed-

  23. Hamas-Tied Unindicted Co-Conspirator CAIR Launches TOS Attack on Wordpress-Hosted Bare Naked Islam

  24. That’ll teach ‘em not to mess with the NZ Police!

  25. Nothing too trivial, we hope…

  26. Green is another word for immature

  27. Liberal Fanaticism

  28. Kiwiblog’s Mystery Writers

  29. Auckland University Economics Professor Pushes “Rich Poor Gap” Propaganda (in NZ Herald of Course)

  30. How’s That Hopey-Changey Stuff Working Out For You-… Just 55.3% of Americans Between 16 & 29 Have Jobs

  31. Police Union Blames #OccupyDC for Rising Crime Rate (Video)

  32. Steven Crowder Debates the Spoiled Occupiers (Video)

  33. Rush Limbaugh- I Think There’s a Commitment to Romney at the Upper Levels of Republican Party

  34. Rush Limbaugh- The Problem with Detroit is Liberalism. It’s the One Constant in the Last 50 Years

  35. Rush Limbaugh- Obama Has a Chip on His Shoulder – Says America Has Never Worked

  36. Flashback- Ron Paul Goes on Iranian TV, Bashes Israel and Defends Hamas (Video)

  37. The Spirit of Sudan

  38. Kim Clement- Warning to Middle East

  39. Allegations- SC tea party convention organizers called for 'armed guards' for security

  40. Bachmann Holds Fire Against Romney for VP Slot-

  41. Romney, Bain Capital, Bail-Outs and an Un-Aired Kennedy Ad

  42. Romney Won’t Release Tax Returns

  43. SOPA will make the whole internet like

  44. Muslim Brotherhood Organizations In America- Goals, Ideologies And Strategies – Analysis

  45. Muslims Get Early Start On New Year's Celebrations Burn Christian Houses

  46. Maryland- Two Doctors Charged With Murder For Performing Late-Term Abortions…

  47. Planned Parenthood Report- $1.04 Billion Budget, 46% Comes From U.S. Taxpayers…

  48. Oopsie- Brain-Dead Occupier Walks Straight Into a Pole While Screaming Meaningless Slogans During Romney Event

  49. Israel Kills Leader of Al-Qaeda-Linked Army of Islam In Gaza Airstrike…

  50. Holder Suddenly Worried About Illegal Firearms Being Used To Killed Law Enforcement Officers…

  51. Ron Paul Praises Occupy Wall Street, Compares Them To The Tea Party…

  52. Maldives Closes Hundreds of Resort Spas After Muslims Complain of ‘Anti-Islamic’ Activities

  53. Underwater Robot Captures Footage of Unexpected Aquatic Life at Deep Sea Vent

  54. ‘Spectacular Display’- NZ Residents Capture 2 Hour Battle Between Killer Whale & Sharks

  55. Powerhouse Websites Consider Internet Blackout

  56. Eric Holder is a funny man

  57. Put up ya dukes- It’s Pelosi versus Pelosi

  58. Politico helpfully provides suggestions for how #OWS can “stay relevant”

  59. Philly Councilwoman to Retire for a Day, Collect Almost Half a Mil Pension, Start B

  60. Letting Down the Tea Party

  61. Newt Gingrich Sheds Tears During Public Forum

  62. Ron Paul- Guess Who’s Behind World Trade Center Bombing-… The Jews

  63. Yes, They Really Do Want To Reduce The Population – 22 Shocking Population Control Quotes From The Global Elite That Will Make You Want …..

  64. ...'Pelosi Throws Her Own Daughter Under The Bus'

  65. Obama’s approval rating plummets

  66. Bare Naked Islam is back……sort of

  67. U.K. town sprays pig manure to keep away rowdy (Muslim-) youths

  68. OH NO! How did all those Zionist pencils end up in Saudi Arabia-

  69. So, how many billions in taxpayer dollars has Barack Obama sent to Pakistan this year-

  70. PAKISTANI MUSLIM father sells his pre-pubescent daughter to a 12-year-old groom for 50,000 Rupee

  71. Early Ron Paul Shows That His Newsletters Weren’t Outliers

  72. New Hampshire “Scientists” Urge GOP Contenders To Embrace Climate Change Hoax

  73. Another Obama donor convicted of fraud

  74. Ind. senator seeks to set standards on how national anthem is sang

Friday, December 30, 2011

Humphrey Bogart-Early Years




Bogart was born on December 25, 1899 in New York City, the eldest child of Dr. Belmont DeForest Bogart and Maud Humphrey. Belmont and Maud married in June 1898. Bogart is a Dutch surname derived from “bogaard”, a short name for “boomgaard”, which means “orchard”. Bogart's father was a Presbyterian of English and Dutch descent.  His mother was an Episcopalian of English descent. Bogart was raised in his mother's faith.


Bogart's birthday has been a subject of controversy; according to Warner Bros, he was born on Christmas Day, 1899. Others believe that this was a fiction created by the studio in order to romanticize their star, and that he was actually born on January 23, 1899. However, this story is now considered false. No birth certificate has ever been found but his birth notice did appear in a New York newspaper in early January 1900, which supports the December 1899 date, as do other sources, such as the 1900 census.


Bogart's father was a cardiopulmonary surgeon. His mother, Maud Humphrey, was a commercial illustrator. She was a militant suffragette. She used a drawing of baby Humphrey in a well-known ad campaign for Mellins Baby Food. In her prime, she made over $50,000 a year, then a vast sum, far more than her husband's $20,000 per year. The Bogarts lived in a fashionable Upper West Side apartment, had an elegant cottage on a fifty-five acre estate in upstate New York on Canandaigua Lake. As a youngster, Humphrey's gang of friends at the lake would put on theatricals.


Humphrey was the oldest of three children. He had two younger sisters, Frances and Catherine Elizabeth (Kay). His parents were very formal, busy in their careers, and frequently fought—resulting in little emotion directed at the children, "I was brought up very unsentimentally but very straightforwardly. A kiss, in our family, was an event. Our mother and father didn’t glug over my two sisters and me."


As a boy, Bogart was teased for his curls, his tidiness, the "cute" pictures his mother had him pose for ‘the Little Lord Fauntleroy’ clothes she dressed him in. From his father, Bogart inherited a tendency for needling people, a fondness for fishing, a life-long love of boating, and an attraction to strong-willed women.


The Bogarts sent their son to private schools. Bogart began school at the Delancey School until fifth grade, when he was enrolled in Trinity School. He was an indifferent, sullen student who showed no interest in after-school activities Later he went to the prestigious preparatory school Phillips Academy, in Andover, Massachusetts.


The Bogarts hoped Humphrey would go on to Yale, but in 1918, Bogart was expelled. The details of his expulsion are disputed: one story claims that he was expelled for throwing the headmaster into Rabbit Pond, a man-made lake on campus. Another cites smoking and drinking, combined with poor academic performance and possibly some inappropriate comments made to the staff. It has also been said that he was actually withdrawn from the school by his father for failing to improve his academics, as opposed to expulsion. In any case, his parents were deeply dismayed by the events and their failed plans for his future.

How To Break The Camel’s Back


How to Break a Camel's Back written by Daren Jonescu


Desirable as defeating President Obama is, the calamity awaiting America just a few paces further along its current path makes mere electoral victory inadequate. It is necessary that such victory be coupled with a greater triumph over an opponent more intractable than any mere Democrat - namely, the tide of anti-individualist morality, which has gradually swept the flotsam of entitlement, hyper-regulation, and disregard for the rights of others onto America's shores.


The problem is that the gradual nature of this tide has created its own dilemma, which is how to persuade people that another step in the wrong direction will take them to the point of no return, rather than being just "one more inconvenience." In my view, there is one issue -- health care -- which might, if presented in the right way, serve as the moral tide-changer. What is required, however, is that the issue be fought not as a difference of opinion about how to achieve shared goals, or as a disagreement about the efficiency of a bureaucratized medical system, or even as one about the constitutionality of the individual mandate.


Rather, the issue must be presented as a fundamental moral divide in the broadest terms: individual liberty versus serfdom.

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Guy Green and Tony Bauer on their Minnesota conservative radio program, "The Speakeasy." As our conversation took place within 48 hours of the announcement of Kim Jong-il's death, and as I live in South Korea, we naturally spent a few minutes delving into the predicament of this divided country. I noted the resiliency of South Koreans in the face of a continual threat of aggression, affronts to their sovereignty, and murderous attacks on their citizens. Repeatedly, South Koreans react with anger and stern warnings -- but with restraint. Their capacity to absorb each new "provocation" is a testament to the human capacity to keep life livable through crisis and hardship.


Read more:


This article came from the American Thinker website

Does Picture Say Anything About Obama’s Political Performance?



Meatheads Of The Day (12-29-2011)


1)  The House of Representatives wants to pass the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) which would bamboozle bloggers, social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube. Congress claims they are protecting against copyright infringement. Strangely, Congress seems to en engaged in copyright infringement while they are trying to stop it.


  1. How SOPA 2.0 Sneaks In A Really Dangerous Private Ability To Kill Any Website

  2. Hypocrisy- IP addresses assigned to House of Representatives engaged in illegal downloading

  3. Learn why SOPA is very bad here

  4. US House of Representatives- Internet pirates

2)  I was under the impression Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton was for people fighting for democracy.  Where was her mind when she told a Syrian freedom protester, who defected to U.S., the freedom fighters should lay down their arms?


  1. Outrageous… Hillary Clinton Tells Syrian Freedom Protesters to Lay Down Their Weapons

Hypocrite Of The Day (12-29-2011)



The number of officers were killed in the line of duty jumped 13 percent in 2011 compared with  2010.  U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder condemned the increase as “a devastating and unacceptable trend” that he blamed on illegal firearms. How about we start with the issue of the US Government defying it's own existing laws and deliberately putting guns in the hands of criminals first?


  1. Eric Holder: More cops slain by illegal guns

Obama Drama Of The Day (12-29-2011)



  1. Bam’s still pocketing MF money

  2. President Obama's Anti-Gun Agenda Shows No Sign of Stopping

  3. Obama Signing Statement Says He isn’t Bound by 20 Provisions of General Spending Bill

  4. Obama plans to ignore Congress and precedent to use taxpayer money to advocate gun control (video)

  5. The only thing President Obama has truly improved is gun sales

  6. Everyone Must Sacrifice… Obama Plays 90th Round of Golf as President

  7. Obama’s Gun Control Agenda Won’t Be Stopped By Pesky Law

  8. Obama Calls On Soul Mate Yusuf al-Qaradawi As Go Between For US Surrender To Taliban

  9. Middle-Class Warriors Barack And Michelle Obama Dine At Ultra-Expensive Hawaiian Restaurant, Have Staffers Chase Photo Takers

  10. The Worst of Obama 2011

  11. Is the Obama Boomlet Over-

  12. Obama and the F-Word

Prophecy: Jerusalem Belongs To Me


Prophecy: Jerusalem Belongs To Me By Cindy deVille


Preface: Last night (May 19th) as we prayed for insight, we believe God spoke to us regarding this situation and how to pray. While the United Nations may vote for the dividing of Jerusalem to take place, we believe God will not allow it to be completed, and will do what is necessary to protect what belongs to Him.


"For I shall stand beside that which is Mine.

I shall watch over that which is Mine, says the Lord.

And the Lord says, they shall not be able to complete,

That which they are determined to do – to My Holy City, to My Holy land.

No, they shall not be able to complete, but I will bring them a great defeat.


For when they stand against My Holy City – they stand against Me.

My people shall see a victory.

For I have placed a king upon the throne (Prime Minister Netanyahu),

And he will not bow down, he will not give up what is his own.

For it belongs to Me, says the Lord, and I will fight for that which is Mine.

No, says the Lord, they will not be able to complete.

But, they will experience defeat, says the Lord.

For I will stand and protect that which is Mine.

The Holy City, the apple of My eye.


There are those who wish to throw My people away,

But this I say, says the Lord, they will pay. They will pay.


'Push them, push them, get them out of the way.'

That's what I hear them say, says the Lord.

But know this – they will pay, they will pay.


For I will protect that which is Mine,

As I have done throughout time."


Then I see Prime Minister Netanyahu, like a tenacious bulldog or pit bull with a spiked collar,

standing and protecting. God has placed him there for this time.


Then God spoke:

"Netanyahu, he knows what he will do.

He will not be pushed aside

He will not let the boundaries slide.

But he will stand and he will fight."



"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Not that a piece should be given away.

Not a piece of My land.

But peace – My way.

Pray that peace will come My way, says the Lord.

My way, My way.

The peace of Jerusalem will not come by piecing Jerusalem."


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  1. Do You Think Obama Is Challenging God by The Decisions He Made In The Last Few Months?

Journalistic Propaganda Machine Of The Day (12-29-2011)



  1. NY Times staffers near mutiny as paper continues to slide into oblivion

  2. Is The MSM Hiding A Christmas Honor Killing-

  3. Nigeria's Christmas Present - Blowing Up Christians - The New York Times Screws It Up Again

  4. Nigeria's Christmas Present - Blowing Up Christians The New York Times Screws It Up Again

  5. Islamo-Coverup- Lib Media Forgets to Mention Santa Killer Was Muslim & Murders Were Likely Honor Killings

NOTE:  3 & 4 have the same title but two different articles.

My List Of Articles I Read On December 29, 2011


  1. How to Break a Camel's Back

  2. Bill Maher's ugly narrow mind

  3. The 2012 Check List for America’s Survival

  4. Tebow exposes the left's religious bigotry

  5. How SOPA 2.0 Sneaks In A Really Dangerous Private Ability To Kill Any Website


  7. Ron Paul accused of flirting with 9-11 Truther beliefs

  8. B&R Reader Question Of The Day

  9. Wedding--

  10. The proper department would be zoology…

  11. The Social Barometer

  12. Society is to blame

  13. Conservative Journalist Leaves Herald

  14. A pointless exercise but amusing

  15. Beware the other policies of dangerous Greens

  16. Systems one way to curb sex offenses

  17. Red Alert- Marxists Carry On Carrying On

  18. Outrageous… Hillary Clinton Tells Syrian Freedom Protesters to Lay Down Their Weapon

  19. A Word for 2012- New Leadership, New Boldness and New Provision  --  J. Lee Grady

  20. Trump- “Millions of people” are waiting to hear my endorsement

  21. Eric Holder suddenly worried about law enforcement being killed by illegal guns

  22. Obama Calls On Soul Mate Yusuf al-Qaradawi As Go Between For US Surrender To Taliban

  23. Mediator in Taliban-U.S. talks backed Kashmir jihad

  24. Class War coming to Toronto in January if the public service unions get their way

  25. Court orders Vilks plot suspects released

  26. Joo Pencils Used To Scrawl Mohammed's Name-

  27. All-American Muslim-

  28. Richard Silverstein Exposed

  29. Santorum Nails Ron Paul To The Wall- “He’s Out In The Dennis Kucinich Wing of The Democratic Party”

  30. Turkish Imam Warns Muslim About Santa Claus, Says He’s Not An “Honest Person” Because He “Climbs Down The Chimney”

  31. Beck Reveals Why We‘re Living in ’The Most Dangerous & Most Exciting Era of Our Lifetime’

  32. 1,100-Pound Crocodile Snatches Lawnmower From a Park Worker!

  33. Syria Fires on Protesters In Vicinity of Observers

  34. Stars We Lost in 2011

  35. White Privilege

  36. Santorum “surge” in Iowa

  37. Iran to US- “Please to sink our navy!”

  38. Iowa Madness – Santorum Surge and Bachmann Implosion

  39. Cause of Heavy D's death is revealed


  41. REPORT- Pelosi wants to retire -- says her daughter

  42. VA GOP Will Require ‘Loyalty Oath’ to Vote in Primary

  43. Rasmussen Poll- Santorum climbing in Iowa

  44. Obama's approval among Latinos drops below 50%

  45. Arab Spring… Egyptian Forces Storm Offices of Pro-Democracy, Human Rights Groups

  46. Despite Obama-Endorsed #OWS Protests 60% of Americans Still Reject Socialism

  47. Good News… Nancy Pelosi, the Worst Speaker in US History, Wants to Retire

  48. Freedom Protesters From Kafranbel, Syria Determined to Get Their Message Out to the West

  49. It's time for the TRUE PROPHETS of GOD to stand up and the PRETENDERS to sit down and be quiet

  50. Changing the Course of a Nation

  51. Do You Think Obama Is Challenging God by The Decisions He Made In The Last Few Months?

  52. Obama campaign manager- This is not a billion dollar campaign [VIDEO]

  53. No kidding- Poll shows most Americans think Obama is a confirmed liberal

  54. Nuance- No Wonder the Left Wants To Be Called Progressive

  55. Virginia GOP Goes Insane – Primary Voters Must Sign Loyalty Oath

  56. Mitt Romney Is a Big Government Stooge

  57. WordPress Takes Down ‘Bare Naked Islam” After Threats From CAIR

Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Tribute To Humphrey Bogart


The song is "Fighting Man" sung by Ian Gillan.


This video was uploaded on You Tube by LisaLaLisa92.





Born:  Humphrey DeForest Bogart

            December 25, 1899(1899-12-25)

            New York City, New York, U.S.


Died:  January 14, 1957(1957-01-14) (aged 57)

           Los Angeles, California, U.S.




Articles And Websites On Humphrey Bogart:




Obama Drama Of The Day (12-28-2011)



  1. Barack Obama's Always 'Helpful' Never 'Hurtful' Lies

  2. Obama sets new personal record for golf outing

  3. Palestinian News- Obama Wants Israel to Release Killer Barghouti

  4. Reset Button FAIL- Russia Accuses Obama Of Human Rights Abuses…

  5. Wasted in Hawaii- President Obama’s Hawaiian Binge

Journalistic Propaganda Machine Of The Day (12-28-2011)


  1. NY Times to the rescue of a Netanyahu foe

  2. Media Whips Up Phony Iowa Primary Frenzy

  3. Journalistic Sun Stroke

  4. Tom Friedman vs. Israel

Meathead Of The Day (12-28-2011)


Romneycare conservative?  Please, Mitt, get a clue.


  1. Romney today- Romneycare is fundamentally conservative

  2. Mitt Romney- It’s Conservative to Have Government Force You to Buy Insurance

My List Of Articles I Read On December 28, 2011


  1. Throw 'Em All Out...And Good Riddance!

  2. America's Greatness Will Defeat Obama

  3. Sen. Lieberman Launches Fast and Furious Investigation

  4. Americans Elect- An Obama Trojan Horse-

  5. Unions Are the Political Dinosaur in the Room


  7. REPORT- Internet censor bill would target political websites

  8. Stopping SOPA

  9. Breaking- Rick Perry Sues to Get on Virginia Primary Ballot

  10. Hero- Store Clerk Delivers Knock-Out Punch to Robber (video)

  11. Obama's FBI removes Taliban leader Mullah Omar from 'Most Wanted Terrorist' list

  12. New Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich Video Ads

  13. Are Democrats Using Ron Paul To Create Primary Election Chaos-

  14. A picture of life in the 21st century EU

  15. The Rape of the Sabines

  16. Radical UK Islamist Anjem Choudary Releases Christmas Message- Says Jesus Would Be Muslim If He Was Alive Today

  17. No Ticker Tape Parade for Iraq War Troops – Per Obama Administration

  18. New Report Finds Christians Remain the World’s Largest Religious Group But Global Distribution

  19. Texas Christmas Honor Killings- Mass Murderer Didn’t Want Daughter Dating Non-Muslim

  20. The GOP presidential field & “this extraordinary moment”

  21. On wealth & happiness

  22. 972 days (since Democratic Senate passed a budget)

  23. Ex-aide who trashed Paul denies being 'fired,' says others can back up his stories

  24. Texas Santa Claus Killer Was a Muslim

  25. A Question of Morality

  26. Cheetah Tarzan's faithful companion is dead. Noted Poop thrower enjoyed Christian music

  27. Canadian Makes FBI's List Of Top Terrorism Cases For 2011

  28. Amazing survival story: plane flips, catches fire on landing

  29. VCU surprises, Tebow rules & more top headlines

  30. Teen, 16, arrested in Turangi attack

  31. Want to filter out the RINOS-

  32. Obama- Ineligibility Noose Slowly Tightens

  33. Ron Paul in 2009- I Wouldn’t Risk American Lives to End the Holocaust

  34. Hamas Leader Haniyeh Agrees to Obama’s ’67 Border Plan – Says Goal Is Destruction of Israel

  35. Obama’s Peace Partners the Taliban Kill 3 More NATO Troops in Bomb Blast

  36. It begins- Radio ad asks Iowans to caucus for Palin

  37. Video- How sci-fi fans put Firefly into the FIRE

  38. WSJ Poll- Obama’s Approval Rating Among His Base Support Groups Has Tanked…

  39. Saudi Arabia Outraged After Jooooo Pencils Found In Wahhabi Kingdom’s Stores…

  40. Romney Says Universal Healthcare Is “Fundamentally a Conservative Principle”…

  41. Nigeria- Three-Year-Old Christian Girl And Her Parents Shot To Death By Islamist Gunmen…

  42. Let Them Eat Cake! Mooch’s Vacation Wardrobe Includes $2K Sundress…

  43. Good News- Another $180K In Taxpayer Funds Have Been Spent on The “Shrimp Running on a Treadmill

  44. Wasted in Hawaii- President Obama’s Hawaiian Binge

  45. I’m not usually a fan of poetry, but…

  46. “My name is Al Gayhart and I built spy satellites for a living.”

  47. Barack Obama Will Still Be President on January 19, 2017

  48. US Communist Leader- ‘Progressive Change Is Closer than We Think’

  49. Iowa Caucus Predictions

  50. Break Old Cycles for 2012 by Chuck D. Pierce

  51. He was looking for YOU!

  52. Bill Maher Draws Ire with Profane Tweet About Tebow

  53. Standoff in D.C. Imperils Labor Board

  54. Bachmann SuperPAC Defects to Romney

  55. David Wilkerson Prophecy

  56. Barack Obama 2011 Report Card, D for Dysfunctional

  57. Hugo Chavez to Obama- “You Are a Shame to All Black People” (Video)

  58. Resisting the spinach

  59. Scott Brown haters, consider the alternative


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Journalistic Propaganda Machine Of The Day (12-27-2011)

  1. CBS Still Shilling for Castro
  2. Oh My – How Those Obama-Friendly Polls Do Lie!
  3. WaPo runs Solyndra story on day after Christmas
  4. Quote of the Day, “Journalists just don’t get it” edition

Cutest Blog Title Of The Day (12-27-2011)


The cutest blog title of the day came from the All American Blogger.  When I first saw it, I found myself laughing.  It is:


TSA Seizes Frosted Cupcake, Citing Frosting as a “Security Risk” 


You also read post besides reading the title by clicking on the title.

Obama Drama Of The Day (12-27-2011)



  1. Obama's Poverty Politics

  2. Obama's Sterilized Society

  3. Obama's Post Recession Job Record in Historical Context

  4. Obama trimmed with red

  5. Obama marked down

  6. Obama's Top 10 Broken Campaign Promises

  7. It’s Official- Obama Reelection Campaign Will Highlight his ‘Defense of the Middle Class’

  8. Obama Wants More Money NOW – Another Campaign Promise Broken

  9. Far Left Obama-Media Declares #Occupy Criminals, Creeps & Killers Are Sexy

My List Of Articles I Read On December 27, 2011


  1. Chuck Schumer's brother in law offered federal judgeship

  2. Subpoena Judges- Yes, Indeed

  3. Newt and the Judges

  4. Three Ugly Truths Exposed by the Tebow Assault

  5. Why the Republicans need to pick Gingrich, despite his past failings

  6. Ron Paul Under Fire for Praising Accused Traitor

  7. The 2012 Check List for America’s Survival

  8. Twas the Night Before Liberal Christmas 2011

  9. TSA plans expansion......screenings aren't just for airports anymore

  10. New Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich Video Ads

  11. Insanity- TSA agent confiscates a red velvet cupcake at the LV International Airport

  12. Priceless- LA Times claims Gov. Jerry Brown's biggest achievement is he didn't screw things up worst

  13. Americans Deserve the Best- Top Ten Republican Candidates for President in a Brokered Convention

  14. Europe is dying

  15. The cubby house of doom!

  16. The academic enablers of Maori child abuse-

  17. Censorship and propaganda in Norwegian schools

  18. Understanding the Implacable Enemy Within the West

  19. Christmas Goodies for the kids

  20. Heart of Darkness

  21. Sarah Palin Movie “Game Change”- More Hollywood Liberal Garbage

  22. Selling Conservatism

  23. Don’t Abandon Conservative Message, Sell it Better

  24. Mickey Mouse and Adolf Hitler Allowed on Wisconsin Recall Petitions if Address Checks Out

  25. Hateful Black Muslim Racist Who Harassed Gateway Pundit & Sent Pig’s Foot to Rep. King Is Shot Dead By Atlanta Police

  26. Howard U Student Pushes #Occupy Movement as Way to Improve Economy (Video) 

  27. Former Aide- Ron Paul Is “Most Certainly Anti-Israel” and wishes “Israel Did Not Exist.”

  28. Fox News host- 'TSA ripped off my Fox News logo'

  29. Acid Attack- I decided that if she can’t be mine, she cannot be anyone else’s as well.”

  30. Turkey To Try Online Blasphemy Case Based On European Human Rights Court Precedent

  31. Syracuse University Human Rights Blog Touts Sharia Law

  32. Attack Watch- Baby Sticks Fingers In Obama's Mouth - Lives!

  33. Ezra Levant & Tarek Fatah- Is the War On Christmas Really A War On Christianity-

  34. Toronto District School Board encourages child abuse- Playgroup for gender independent children

  35. Federal Judge Sides With La Raza, Orders Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio To Stop Enforcing Immigration

  36. Saudi Arabia’s Islamic Morality Police Arrest Man For Casting Magic Spell On Girl He Was Dating…

  37. Ron Paul- “I Wouldn’t Have Risked American Lives” To End The Holocaust…

  38. Obama Justice Department Investigating Michigan Town For “Religious Discrimination” After They Denied A Permit To Build Islamic School

  39. The Virginia Mess and the Establishment’s Gambit

  40. It’s Official- Obama Reelection Campaign Will Highlight his ‘Defense of the Middle Class’

  41. Contain Yourselves, Ladies

  42. Further Proof Of The Obama Polling Bias

  43. Could Ron Paul win Iowa-

  44. Ras Robinson on Christmas is over and the New Year is upon us

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Greta Garbo-Death




Greta Garbo died on 15 April 1990 at the age 84 in New York Hospital as a . Her death was a result of pneumonia and renal failure. She had been successfully treated for breast cancer in 1984. Garbo was cremated after a long legal battle. Her ashes were finally interred in 1999 at Skogskyrkogården Cemetery just south of her native Stockholm.


She had invested wisely, primarily in stocks and bonds, and left her entire estate, $32,042,429, to her niece, Gray Reisfield.

I Agree With Lloyd Marcus About Herman Cain


I agree with Lloyd Marcus that Herman Cain got a rotten deal with the main stream media. Cain endured rectal vetting not required even of our current president. As a matter of fact, the American people still know very little about Obama. Why aren’t the media giving Obama rectal examine?  Yeah, I know i hear crickets too.


Well, any way, Lloyd Marcus tells his feelings about Herman Cain thing in his article “Herman Cain: A Final Word” on the American Thinker website. Read what he has to say and see if you don’t agree with Lloyd Marcus.


Herman Cain- A Final Word


I would not blame Herman Cain if he said, Lloyd, I know you mean well, brother. However, the relentless vitriolic media attacks against me have finally subsided since I dropped out of the presidential race. My family and I are finally having some peace. So why on earth would you bring up my name again?


\Well, in a nutshell, I just did not like the way the whole "Cain thing" went down. Also, we live in a fast-paced news cycle, "carelessly nuke a person's life and in two days everyone has moved on," disposable world. Herman Cain's courageous bid to serve his country deserves more than "Cain...wasn't he the black dude sex fanatic who ran for president as a Republican?"


OK, Cain is gone, and we conservatives must focus on selecting our candidate to defeat Obama in 2012. I got it. But it breaks my heart, seeing what happened to this "good man." Cain was attacked from both sides of the aisle. A few conservative pundits even accused Cain of not seriously seeking the Oval Office, but instead simply seeking self-promotion.


Read more: