Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Back In The Saddle By Matraca Berg


Back In The Saddle
By Matraca Berg

I came down from the Cadillac dude ranch, health spa
Nestled on the edge of town
For fourteen days I've been herbal wrapped, mud packed
Now I'm bustin' out
Well, I thought the wild west wasn't for me
You walked up like a bow-legged dream
When you said yes ma'am I thought I'd scream
Oh, put me in your big old pick up truck
Take me to the rodeo
I don't know a thing about broncin' bucks
And I can't do-si-do
But I can put you back in the saddle, baby
Yeah, stand you up tall
I can put you back in the saddle, baby
Yeah, and that ain't all
Well, it must've been the burned out new age coffee house
So called sensitive guys
I never thought a leatherneck suckin' on a long neck
Could make my temperature rise
But you're so sweet, baby, you're so fine
You bring the barbecue and I'll bring the
We'll dance all night until your belt buckle shines
Oh, put me in your big old pick up truck
Take me to the rodeo
I don't know a thing about broncin' bucks
And I can't do-si-do
But I can put you back in the saddle, baby
Yeah, stand you up tall
I can put you back in the saddle, baby
Every time you fall
Well, I might be in a yuppie funk
You might think I'm a little bit drunk
But all I know is a hunk is a hunk
Oh, put me in your big old pick up truck
Take me to the rodeo
I don't know a thing about broncin' bucks
And I can't do-si-do
But I can put you back in the saddle, baby
Yeah, stand you up tall
I can put you back in the saddle, baby
Yeah, and that ain't all

Pitch Black-One Wild Night


One Wild Night
By Bon Jovi

This video was put up q You Tube by aTheoryOfOne.

Pirates Of The Caribbean-Smooth Criminal


Smooth Criminal
By Michael Jackson


Seagulls By Red Skelton


Red Skelton jokes. Their pretty funny. Enjoy.


My List Of Articles I Read On November 29, 2011


  1. Thank you, Nancy Pelosi, for revealing who you and Congress really are!

  2. New Ad- Help Us Sarah Palin, You’re Our Only Hope

  3. Beckel Defends Pot-Smoking Union Workers

  4. Big Peace Editor Peter Schweizer Discusses ‘Throw Them All Out’ and Congressional Insider Trading

  5. The Sunday Conversation: Greg Gutfeld

  6. Chris Christie on the Super Committee- What the hell are we paying Obama for-

  7. MOH Winner Suing BAE Systems

  8. Cop faked GED and medals for Iraq

  9. Who could have predicted this-

  10. Will National Defense Authorization Lead to Indefinite Imprisonment of Americans-

  11. Paul Keith Davis- Deliverers Ascending Zion- This Will Be a Day of Divine Justice

  12. The Stench of Theoretical Christianity

  13. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

  14. Tapper- Seems Like Obama Is Campaigning on Our Dime

  15. Legal Immigrants Against the DREAM Act

  16. The Secrets of Soros, Obama, Occupiers and the MSM (Part 3)

  17. Giant hand holding tiny baby - what else could it be-

  18. When you are over governed and live under an inflexible bureaucracy

  19. Iran- Protesters storm British embassy, enter premises

  20. No one wants to talk about Arab Spring anti-Semitism

  21. Nigeria- At least 45 Christians reported killed in recent weeks by Muslim herdsmen and soldiers

  22. U.K.- Foreign secretary warns of jihadists without borders in Africa

  23. White House Spokesman Jay Carney Blames Europe For Poor Economy

  24. Obama Administration Ignored Law Prohibiting Funding to Acorn

  25. Thomas Edison Prepares to Roll Over in His Grave

  26. New Discovery at Stonehenge Could Help Unlock Longtime Mystery

  27. Alec Baldwin’s Latest Twitter Rant Against Conservatives- ‘Gun-Loving, War-Mongering, Trolls….Br

  28. Did Your Favorite Conservative Woman Make This Top 10 List-

  29. American Airlines Files for Bankruptcy — Blames Unions

  30. Worst. President. Ever… Obama’s Approval Numbers Sink Below Carter’s

  31. Iranian Regime Goons Loot Queen’s Portrait From British Embassy

  32. Report- Herman Cain ‘Reassessing’ Candidacy

  33. Your ‘Feel Good’ Video of the Day- #Occupy Goons Tased & Dragged From WA Capitol Building

  34. Liberal Media Springs Into Action… WaPo Seeks Dirt on Newt

  35. The Barney Frank embarrassment

  36. Obama record in a nutshell

  37. incorrect predictions and quotes from Barack Obama’s past-

  38. Frank signs on to repeal of 'real' Obamacare 'death panel'

  39. Exclusive video- Obama in 2006- I 'stole' book title 'Audacity of Hope' from 'my pastor'

  40. Conquering Discouragement! [Tuesday, November 29, 2011]

  41. Who's the Most Conservative of Them All-

  42. Barack Obama and Ben Bernanke to Save the World-

  43. Colin Powell Is Totally Ignorant About The Founding Fathers

  44. Kindle Fire Review

  45. In Memoriam- The Bravest of Men

  46. Hollywood Moonbat of The Day- Scarlett Johansson Would Like To Inform You That You’re Being “Irresponsible”

  47. Rhode Island Governor Scraps Statehouse Christmas Tree And Goes With “Holiday” Tree Instead

  48. Are teachers overpaid-

  49. Why Government Doesn't Work

  50. Pat Condell - The Gathering Storm

  51. Pakistani Hindus flee to India, in the face of jihad

  52. Syrian regime is torturing children


  54. How convenient…

  55. wow!  (and I wish I understood Spanish)

  56. Action Of An Apartheid State

  57. I Would Fire Upon U.S. Citizens

  58. Media to Glenn- You were right!

  59. Douglas E. Schoen- What Barney Frank's Retirement Means for Democrats

  60. Senate defies Obama veto threat in terrorist custody vote

  61. 3 close associates of DNC's 2012 co-chair indicted

  62. #OccupyWallStreet- The Rap Sheet, So Far -- 360 Incidents

  63. Poll- Obama is tanking with independents

  64. Eric Holder to Daily Caller- Leave Eric Holder alone!

  65. Democrats may peg the bat sh-t crazy meter for House Financial Services Committee





Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Secrets of Soros, Obama, Occupiers and the MSM


Chuck Norris wrote a three part article on the Townhall and World Net Daily websites called ‘The Secrets of Soros, Obama, Occupiers and the MSM’. The articles are worth reading. It gives you an idea what expect from this motley crew.

Here is the list of the three articles:

  1. The Secrets of Soros, Obama, Occupiers and the MSM (part 1)

  2. The Secrets of Soros, Obama, Occupiers and the MSM (part 2)

  3. The Secrets of Soros, Obama, Occupiers and the MSM (part 3)

Like Glenn Beck, Chuck Norris is a reader of history.

Chuck Norris Website:

The Five On Fox News Channel Talk About Pot Smoking Union Workers


Run, Sarah, Run

The new ad Asking Sarah Palin to run for President.

The Hectic Life Of A Criminal Intent Detective


Hip Hop Police
By Chamillionaire


This one of the videos I made.

Jack Benny vs. Groucho Marx (1955)


Here is two classic comedians. On his TV show, Jack Benny plays a contestant on Groucho's "You Bet Your Life" Program. That's Irene Tedrow in between the two masters.

My List Of Articles I Read Today November 28, 2011


  1. Bill Clinton Praises Old Foe Newt Gingrich

  2. Obama's Canadian Blunder

  3. Rick Perry's 'Lazy' Ad Called 'Borderline Criminal'

  4. Rep. Maloney Lies about Fast and Furious

  5. OWS arrest total nearing 5000

  6. Anarchy in the U.S.A.

  7. Democratic Party Operatives Preparing To Roll Out “Draft Hillary” Campaign-

  8. “Draft Hillary” Part Two – Obama To Face New Hampshire Write-In Challenge-

  9. QR who- QR what-

  10. Vulnerable and Human, Kevin Durant is Doing the Happy Dance

  11. Political Fundamentalists—A Grave Threat to World Liberty

  12. That Lying Dog!

  13. Obama, the Provable Nothing

  14. If they find my body floating face down

  15. The Time of Unions has Come and Gone

  16. Democrat Racism

  17. Deadline Passes For Occupy Philly To Dismantle

  18. #OccupyLA Refuses To Leave Streets- ‘We Didn’t Come Here To Listen To F-cking Cops’

  19. -Live Stream- #OccupyLA Eviction

  20. Congressional land grabs for fun and profit

  21. Self Esteem vs Reality

  22. REPORT- Senate Moves To Allow Military To Arrest Americans Without Charge Or Trial


  24. $7,770,000,000,000

  25. George Will and Stolen Valor

  26. Guerena murder finally getting some press

  27. Zuccotti recovers nicely, thank you

  28. Finally, An Arab Spring Thing I Can Support

  29. Where there is smoke!

  30. Gunwalker scandal broadens--the FBI connection

  31. KNOWING THE VOICE OF THE LORD! by David Wilkerson [May 19, 1931 - April 27, 2011]

  32. Shipwrecked and Snakebitten

  33. For 2012, Be Wary of Obama’s Ties to Corrupt Project Vote

  34. BREAKING- Barney Frank to Retire After 2012

  35. Why is Homeland Security Funding Research for a Big Cat?

  36. There is more to life and civil society than economic purity

  37. National - Selling NZ down the river - do they have the mandate-

  38. Iran moves to expel British ambassador; legislators chant Death to England

  39. Spencer, McCarthy, Fawstin at Restoration Weekend 2011- What about moderate Muslims- 

  40. More Curious Connections Emerge in Case of Couple Fined $7,200 for ‘Wake Up America’ Sign

  41. Police Find Body Armor, Rocks, Projectiles and Machetes During #Occupy Portland Raid

  42. Outrage!… After Demanding Refund From City, Richmond Tea Party Gets Letter – “You’re being audited.”

  43. While prez tours country with tax dollars, Obama's 2012 campaign builds quiet momentum

  44. Newt- Give the death penalty to drug cartel leaders

  45. Televangelist Joel Osteen- Obama 'has reached out to us' [VIDEO]

  46. Sounds of Transformation [Monday, November 28, 2011]

  47. Good News for Newt -- Fat Presidents Make Good Presidents

  48. Will the New Hampshire Union-Leader Endorsement be a Game-Changer for Gingrich-

  49. BREAKING- Huge Explosion In IRAN's Nuke City

  50. 64 Years Ago The UN Created Israel-They Have Been Trying to Reverse Vote Ever Since

  51. Jumping the Shark

  52. Carney- Obama Wants To “Create Jobs” By Extending Unemployment Benefits…

  53. Occupy Boston Thug Arrested After Brandishing Knife And Threatening To Stab Man…

  54. Cornel West On Occupy Wall Street- Ultimate Fight For Entitlements Will Be In “The Streets”…

  55. Cornel West: Ultimate Fight For Entitlements Will Be In "The Streets"

  56. Harry Reid Proposes Bill That Could Stop States From Enforcing Immigration Laws…

  57. Lurita Doan - The Gimme Something Congress and the Public Service Failure

  58. Why Government Doesn't Work

  59. The ‘poor’ are the rich Jesus warned you about

  60. College is a waste of time and money. Drop out

  61. Europe traded 6 million Jews for 20 million Muslims

  62. Goodnight Europe, It’s Been Fun!

  63. Corrupting justice-

  64. Obama Calling For Resignation Of Attorney General

  65. Good Riddance, Subprime Barney Frank

  66. There is Hope! Lisa Converted to Our Side By Obama's Disaster and Rush's Show

    Monday, November 28, 2011

    The Rat Patrol-You Do You Thing


    The clips in this video are from one of my favorite episode on 'The Rat Patrol'. Hauptmann Dietrich and Sgt Troy are captured together by Arabs. I set it to the song 'You Do Your Thing' by Montgomery Gentry because it fit the mood. Both Hauptmann Dietrich and Sgt. Troy have their own way of doing things. (Yes, it is a music video.)  I put in clips I thought showed their struggle with each other during their escape, showed their heart, and how they dealt with each other at the end. Hope you enjoy the video.

    My channel on You Tube is MidnightAngel50.

    Song For The Occupiers


    This song should be turned up loud with speakers pointing towards ‘occupiers’ full blast for full effect.

    ‘Get A Job’ sung by the Silhouettes.

    This video was put up by FiftiesRockVideos2 on You Tube.

    Anarchy in the U.S.A. | The Weekly Standard

    This Articles is a long, interesting read.

    Anarchy in the U.S.A. The Weekly Standard

    Ever since September, when activists heeded Adbusters editor Kalle Lasn’s call to Occupy Wall Street, it’s become a rite of passage for reporters, bloggers, and video trackers to go to the occupiers’ tent cities and comment on what they see. Last week, the day after New York mayor Michael Bloomberg ordered the NYPD to dismantle the tent city in Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan, the New York Times carried no fewer than half a dozen articles on the subject. Never in living memory has such a small political movement received such disproportionate attention from the press. Never in living memory has a movement been so widely scrutinized and yet so deeply misunderstood.

    Read More

    How To Make Friends


    Another lesson from evmoneyTV.  Enjoy this lesson.

     This lesson was put up by evmoneyTV on You Tube.

    The Man From U.N.C.L.E.-Back In The USSR


    Back In The USSR

    The Beatles

    This video was made by dreamybluemeany

    'The Great One' Jackie Gleason

    Jackie Gleason brought an assortment of mannerisms, quirks, and temperament to a variety of invented characters, among them the one he is most identified with,..."Ralph Kramdem" from  "The Honeymooners." His unique style, facial expressions, body language, and memorable one-liners, earned him the deserved title, "THE GREAT ONE!"

    Enjoy the laughs from the video because you deserve a laugh today.

    My List Of Articles I Read On November 27, 2011


    1. Mainstream media turn blind eye to dark side of Tahrir Square

    2. The Wall Street Occupiers as Mind Erasers

    3. Holder's Dept. of Retribution

    4. A Day Inside Occupy Wall Street

    5. Supporters Move To Push Sarah Palin Onto Iowa Ballot

    6. ATF and DOJ Break the Law

    7. Democrat Racism

    8. What Happens When Commander-in-Chief Abandons Post-

    9. The War on Police

    10. Pepper Spray – A little dab’ll do ya

    11. #Occupy Indy Uses Homeless As Props To Prolong Demonstration

    12. Obama and Matthews Tango on Hardball

    13. Occupying Seven Deadly Sins

    14. This post started with a photo

    15. GQ’s “Least Influential people” list

    16. Support Sun News against gay bullies- new campaign demands mandatory ‘sensitivity training’



    19. McMao to Go

    20. Unqualified- White House Judicial Wish List

    21. The morning after the night before - Look, Look there goes a cow edition

    22. Robert Spencer in Melbourne, Australia, November 26, 2011

    23. What could go wrong- Taliban members paid £100 a month to stop fighting, but get to keep guns

    24. Iran- Blinded By Acid, Now Denied Compensation For Showing Her Attacker Mercy

    25. Suspected Islamists Bomb Police Station, Bank In Nigeria

    26. ‘Frosty the Snowman’ Accused of Assaulting Police Dog, Officer During Parade

    27. ‘I’m Really, Really Blessed’- Severely Injured War Vet Receives Life-Changing Act of Kindness

    28. Oakland Block Entrances to Businesses on Black Friday, Including Apple

    29. Gingrich snags top N.H. newspaper endorsement

    30. In what Limbaugh says, Democrats hear the president losing re-election

    31. Discover the Benefits of God’s Favor

    32. Salt Upon the Earth! [Sunday, November 27, 2011]

    33. Saturday Night Open Thread - The Good Washington

    34. Interesting Assertion

    35. Rethinking Unions IV- time to ditch the union label-

    36. Occupy Wall Street- Only 1.6% of Protesters Are Black…

    37. Jeannie DeAngelis - Tebow, Palin, and the Pain of Remorse


    39. Gingrich wins Union Leader endorsement

    40. #Occupy Dallas Goons Trash Neiman Marcus – Throw Fake Blood at Windows

    41. #Occupy Goons Spray paint “REVENGE FOR OCCUPY OAKLAND” on Seattle Bank

    42. HRC honored left-wing pundit who used term that earned Sarah Palin excoriation (when her daughter used it.)

    43. Black Friday!

    44. ‘Win for the Greens, but a loss for Australia

    45. AGW–not just a scam, it’s a vast conspiracy to defraud the taxpayer

    46. One for the morons and suckers who voted Green-

    47. Redbaiter-

    48. Will nobody rid us of the leeches-

    49. A Moral Tale For Our Times

    50. They were just (not) doing their jobs- Fulford’s honor killing column doesn’t go far enough

    51. Climate Gate Round 2 – More False Science Revealed

    52. The Mob And Media War On Police

    53. Arab Spring… Islamist Party Wins Parliament Elections in Moderate Morocco

    54. Do brains really matter-

    55. American tourists in Cuba discover ‘two worlds’

    56. Occupy Wall Street Needs To Expand Its Tactics

    57. Washington Post Column Suggests a Conflict Between Feminism And Domesticity

    58. Jonathan Chait Asks- When Did Liberals Become So Unreasonable

    59. Pakistanis burn Obama effigy and US flag

    60. ...Union Leader blames media for voter indecision

    61. Texas Democrat Gonzalez, head of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, won't run again for House

    62. Bold Leadership Versus Political Parasites

    63. Joke of the Day- Riddle Me This Obama…



    Sunday, November 27, 2011

    How to be Sarcastic


    It is time to brush up on being sarcastic. Enjoy the lesson, lol. It is cute.

    This lesson was put up by evmoneyTV on You Tube.

    ATF and DOJ Break the Law


    ATF and DOJ Break the Law

    Following a widely watched hearing conducted by the US House Government Oversight Committee July 25, 2011 William G. McMahon, (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)‘s deputy director of operations in the West, William D. Newell Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the agency’s Phoenix office and David Voth, field supervisor who oversaw Operation Fast and Furious that allowed over 2,000 rifles to walk into the arms of Mexican Drug Cartels, were whisked away to the safety of ATF Headquarters fortress on New York Avenue in Washington, DC.

    Many that viewed the hearing and most ATF agents in the field believe these men should have been arrested, or at the least fired, for their gross incompetence and outright violation of US Law.

    Read More

    Blog: Holder's Dept. of Retribution

    Blog: Holder's Dept. of Retribution

    House oversight committee chairman Rep. Darrell Issa may force Holder to resign over the "gunwalker" debacle. But gunwalker is just one of Holder's perversions of the Attorney General's Office.
    1. The Obama/Holder DOJ decided against prosecuting a terrorist-connected Muslim extremist over the objections of federal investigators even though the case against Ahmad and CAIR was substantial. Read more:

    Red Skelton And Phyllis Diller Skit

    A Red Skelton And Phyllis Diller Skit


    This video was put up on You Tube by 1964Mbrooks.

    Law And Order: Criminal Intent-Romeo


    By Dolly Parton

    My List Of Articles I Read On November 26, 2011



    2. 'Occupy Indianapolis' recruit homeless to keep protests going

    3. 'Zombie' protester arrested

    4. Boko Haram- New Security Threat for US in Nigeria

    5. Some things in this world, you just can't explain

    6. How to make an occupier's head explode

    7. 'Crypto-Fascist Hollywood-' Who could have guessed-

    8. The Father of the Bill of Rights on 'Fundamental Principles'

    9. CSI for Doggy Doo- Now You Can Use DNA to Nail Your Neighbors

    10. My Afternoon Of Reading (Or Trying To)

    11. Let the REAL revolutionary power flow through our country

    12. Senators to Obama, DHS- Stop ignoring illegal alien sanctuaries

    13. McGuinty Vows to Sabotage Democracy

    14. Video Proof- UC Davis Protesters Were Warned Before Pepper Spray Incident

    15. Matthews- National Media ‘Leans A Little To The Left’

    16. Gun Control- The silence of Obama

    17. My problem with authority

    18. We’re ALL Wrong About OWS

    19. Okay Gun Nuts – What Is It-

    20. Copts- Behind You Is the Junta, Before you the Islamists

    21. Incriminating Timeline: Democrats Punt on Fiscal Responsibility

    22. Memo to the Occupiers

    23. Not Your Grandfather's Republican Party; Obama and Romney Nearly the Same

    24. Pornography - On purpose laid to make the taker mad

    25. Election day diversion

    26. Egypt- Tourism tanks; hotel manager says we're deeply afraid of the Islamic groups at the moment

    27. Goodbye You Stupid Evil Law! Tories strike a blow against censorship

    28. Arab Springtime For Hitler Update- One day we'll kill all Jews Signed, Your Friends, The Moderate Muslim Brotherhood

    29. Latest Bitchy Whiner Trying To Silence Sun TV... is...Shocker! A Failed NDP Candidate!

    30. Shocker- Egyptian islamist group aided islamists during Sudanese civil war

    31. Popular New York Restaurant May Close Doors Because of Excessive Union Demands

    32. Body of Former N.Y. Mafia Boss Fished Out of River in Canada

    33. Another Reference to the Mayan Prediction of the 2012 Apocalypse Found-

    34. See Glenn Beck‘s Epic Address at David Horowitz’s ‘Restoration Weekend’

    35. Pakistan Cuts NATO Supply Lines to Afghanistan

    36. Purification of the Prophetic

    37. Krauthammer blasts Ron Paul on foreign policy for 'living' in the 1920s

    38. Prayer Fever

    39. Don't Let Media Fear Intimidate You

    40. House of Blessing! [Saturday, November 26, 2011]

    41. Time to Reflect

    42. Chinese Cynical Exploitation in Sierra Leone- Timber! - Africa Investigates - Al Jazeera English

    43. Sarah Palin Supporters to Run Ad in Iowa Urging Her to Reconsider Decision Not to Run for President

    44. OOPs!! New Study Shows CO2 Not Likely to Cause End of the World

    45. Romney Winning Endorsement Battle – Rick Perry Distant Second

    46. Great Big Book of Horrible Things

    47. Recall Scott Walker Update

    48. Moonbat Dem Rep. Dennis Kucinich- Occupy Wall Street An “Authentic Expression” Of Concern…

    49. Kevin McCullough - Why Obama Will Go Racist Against Romney

    50. Weekend Wrap (Naked Women Riding Scooters)

    51. Newt Gingrich Mocks the Thought of Debating Obama- “If He Wants to Use a Teleprompt That's fine…We Have To Be Fair”

    52. Another victory for “smart power”

    53. Referencing Reagan, Ann Coulter’s sensible defense of GOP reluctance to raise taxes

    54. Let’s Move! President Obama stuffs the pie hole with a hot dog

    55. Wal-Mart to Occupy Movement- “We Serve the 99%”



    Saturday, November 26, 2011

    Is Rep. Dennis Kucinich A Meathead Or Not?


    Rep. Dennis Kucinich talks about the Occupy movement in the video. Listen to the video and decide If Rep. Dennis Kucinich is a meathead or not.

    Chris Matthews Talks About Mitt Romney


    Blog: The Father of the Bill of Rights on 'Fundamental Principles'

    Blog: The Father of the Bill of Rights on 'Fundamental Principles'

    George Mason defined what it takes for us to preserve the blessing of liberty in his first draft of the Virginia Bill of Rights.
    Mason was one member of a committee of twenty-seven Virginians appointed to draft the Virginia Declaration of Rights in 1776. Archibald Cary chaired the cumbersome committee. Mason took the lead in drafting the document.

    Supernatural-It’s My Life




    WILLOWICK30 put this video up on You Tube.

    Thankful, From The City Of Our God

    I didn’t write this. Gene, A Prophet did. I hope doesn’t mind me using his post. It was so beautifully stated.

    Thursday, November 24, 2011

    Thankful - From the City of our GOD

    GIVE THANKS..with a Grateful Heart. Give thanks to the Holy One-

    All happy people are grateful. Ungrateful people cannot be happy. We tend to think that being unhappy leads people to complain, but it's truer to say that complaining leads to people becoming unhappy.

    Ungratefulness stays the hand of God in our lives, Thankfulness releases the blessings of God in our lives. It's not just a good idea:

    The people of Israel lost perspective and became unthankful Judges 6

    When they cried out to the Lord because of Midian, 8 the Lord sent a prophet to the Israelites. He said, “This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: I brought you up out of slavery in Egypt. 9 I rescued you from the Egyptians and from all who oppressed you. I drove out your enemies and gave you their land. 10 I told you, ‘I am the Lord your God. You must not worship the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you now live.’ But you have not listened to me.”

    BUT GOD.. delivered them all from the hands of their enemies. You can read about it.

    God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear though the earth gives way, though the mountains be moved into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam, though the mountains tremble at its swelling. Selah There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy habitation of the Most High. God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved; God will help her when morning dawns. ... Psalm 46

    In the last 24 hours my Buick blew up, and I don't have a car anymore. My sister just broke her leg in several places and is now in a wheelchair and a friend has very bad cancer discovered.

    YET...there is a river...that makes GLAD--the HOLY habitation of our GOD...that's YOU, ME

    Thank You Jesus

    Escape (The Pina Colada Song


    This is a cute video. Enjoy.

    My List Of Articles I Read On November 25, 2011



    2. 26 bodies found in abandoned vehicles in Mexico

    3. Another Reagan Statue Unveiled in Eastern Europe

    4. Omits God

    5. We're Not Electing a Messiah

    6. Republican Senate Prospects in 2012

    7. Conservatism 101 for Those Not Paying Attention

    8. Obama’s potential judicial nominees 'not qualified'

    9. Friday Free-for-all- Black Friday Edition

    10. ‘You’ve Been Gored’- The Climate Change Fraud

    11. Thanksgiving Proclamation

    12. When a Nation Forgets God – a Thanksgiving Reminder

    13. An All American Muslim Reaction to TLC's All American Muslim

    14. Author Anne McCaffrey Dead at 85

    15. Green Energy Is Awash in Red Ink

    16. Republicans! Stop acting like Democrats

    17. America’s Biggest Turkey

    18. Happy Thanksgiving Featuring Red Skelton

    19. Time for a break

    20. Tea party strikes back- “Buycott” Black Friday

    21. The Perfect Time

    22. Wal-Mart Black Friday shopper pepper sprays crowd

    23. Occupy SMA Chandler’s FB

    24. A Soldier’s Angel

    25. This is not news. (Updated)

    26. Reagan Honored in Former Soviet Bloc Countries While Defaced in US

    27. Thankful - From the City of our GOD

    28. Thanksgiving and the Proper Role of Government

    29. Thankful for Their Sacrifice

    30. Raising awareness about domestic violence, Maryland 1931

    31. Pornography explained - how do I get my $790,000-

    32. Reporters Without Borders says Egypt unsafe for female reporters after more sexual assaults on journalist

    33. U.S. congressmen call for investigation after Palestinian Authority's embezzlement of development

    34. Bombings In South Iraq Kill 19, Injure 64

    35. French Woman, Two Yemenis Kidnapped In South Yemen

    36. Yemen President To Sign Power-Transfer Deal

    37. Blago Attorneys Want Off-Limits Tapes Heard

    38. 'One day we'll kill all Jews'

    39. Occupy Movement’s Price Tag Tops $20 Million …Much Higher Than the $13 Million That

    40. VIOLENT Occupy Carolina Sympathizer Threatens to Kill SC Governor Nikki Haley (Video)

    41. Arab Spring… Egypt’s New Prime Minister Claims More Power Than Mubarak

    42. VIOLENT #Occupy Oakland Protesters Arrested on Thanksgiving After Attacking Police

    43. Figures…  #Occupy Miami Protest Leader Led “Jews Go Back to the Ovens” Rally

    44. Law makes viewing pornography on school computer a reason to revoke a teacher's license

    45. Al Sharpton 'grateful' for Occupy Wall Street on Thanksgiving

    46.  Was Jesus ever tempted by the opposite sex?

    47. Restored in Full! [Friday, November 25, 2011]

    48. Men…I speak greatness and success into your lives!

    49. MF Global - Tip of the Iceberg-

    50. Give Us Our Orders

    51. Newt Gingrich Slams Obama Administration’s Attack On Boeing

    52. Report- Iowa Social Conservative Leaders Trying to Decide Between Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum

    53. What Do Totalitarians Do When They Gain Power Democratically-

    54. Anita O’Day, Ballad of the Sad Young Men (1961)

    55. Congressmen Seek Probe Into The Palestinians Use of American Aid…

    56. Obama So Toxic Campaign Sending Biden Instead of Him Into Big Three Battleground States…

    57. Goracle Gushes Over “Incipient Game-Changer” Occupy Wall Street To Push His Failing Current TV Network

    58. SEIU And ACORN Organizing Kingpin Wade Rathke- Tea Partiers Out-Organized Occupy Wall Street…

    59. Pic of The Day…

    60. NYC Occupiers Target Macy’s Black Friday Midnight Shoppers…

    61.  Obama- Yeah, Thanksgiving Is Tough For a Lot of Americans This Year, But It’s Bush’s Fault…

    62. Obama Administration Giving Egypt Over to Radical Muslim Brotherhood-

    63. The First Amendment DOES NOT Protect #OccupyWallStreet

    64. Gov. Rick Perry Has Come Out Swinging Against Obama and Fast and Furious

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