Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tribute to Classic Film Gangsters


Yeap, I been surfing You Tube again, lol. I found this discovery. I thought you might enjoy this video as much as I did.



NCIS-Special Agent Jethro Gibbs


I made this music video in May of 2009. I wanted to a video of my favorite man on NCIS. I thought song ‘Mercy’ by Duffy fit perfectly-well-in my view, lol.

Enjoy the video.


Articles I Read On September 27, 2011


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  4. Liberal scare tactics- Death by government cuts
  5. Arizona Sheriff Fights Drug Cartels, but Whose Side is Obama On-
  6. Fast and Furious- Using Humans as Collateral Damage
  8. Raising Cain on Obama 'Lies' and 'Highway Robbery'
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  10. 911 Eight Harbingers of Judgment To Come
  11. The End of America - The Harbinger
  12. Regis Philbin Prepares for the Big Farewell
  13. Who are the REAL Hostage Takers-
  14. So it was Plan See I told you so
  15. The Germans are Here!




Tuesday, September 27, 2011

1963 The Great Escape Music Video


  I didn't make this video but I liked it a lot. It was one of those ‘I had to share’ finds, lol. I just had to share my discovery, lol.  This video was put together by CliptonsWife. Enjoy.



Articles I Read On September 26, 2011


  1. How to Embrace Your Crazy, Chaotic Life
  2. Confessions of a Semi-Happy Wife
  3. Who Am I Meant to Be-
  4. Becoming the Person You Were Meant to Be- Where to Start
  5. Police- 80 ‘Days of Rage’ Protesters Arrested Saturday
  6. Herman Cain Wins Florida Straw Poll
  7. Pastors Unite Against IRS Tax Code Restrictions on Political Speech in the Pulpit
  8. EPA To Shut Down 20% of Coal Plants in 2012
  9. Praying for This Nation Like Our Butts Depended on It
  10. Mitch Daniels- Cut Perry Some Slack
  11. Israeli Father, Baby Killed After Palestinians Threw Rocks at Their Car, Causing it to Overturn
  12. Giant Waterspout Spotted in US
  13. Netanyahu- Obama’s Just as Big a Friend to Israel as George W. Bush Was
  14. Historic First- Saudi King Grants Women the Right to Vote, Run for Local Office
  15. Scary truth about Obamacare keeps seeping out
  16. Michael Moore to Bill Maher- Patriotic Americans Will Wait Longer For Health Care




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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Ghost Riders of Neches River


     Farmers and cowboys were sworn enemies during the beginning of the range days. It was no wonder eight Texas cowboys herding 3000 head of cattle got mad when they saw a fence as far as the eye could see blocking their progress to Abilene, Kansas. It didn't help these eight cowboys deposition being sore and tired either.

     For a while, the cowboys muttered among themselves getting anger and anger. They started to dwell on the punishment they could inflict on the farmer.

     So when the farmer came out of his house near Neches River with a shotgun, the eight cowboys saw their chance to inflict punishment. The cowboys took their positions around the herd of cattle, quickly sent the cattle into a stampede.

     The farmer scurried about and ran towards his house. He made it inside and warned his wife and two children then ran back out of the house. The farmer shot at the raging cattle, heading towards him to give his family time to get away. He had emptied the two barrels of the shotgun before is trampled to death. The cattle stampeded through the house killing the farmer's wife and two kids.

     Not one of the eight Texas cowboys showed remorse for their heinous misdeed. As a matter of fact, the eight cowboys bragged about the incident to their compadres, laughing about it, and toasting their nasty deed to others in Abilene. They were hailed as heroes for a month among their confederates.

     But once the Texas cowboys crossed over into their home state, they were showed no mercy. They had dreams of angry bulls with burning eyes, saw the ghosts of the family they murdered. These rough and tough cowboys were turned to whimpering cowards and unable to work anymore on cattle drives. Of course, none of them lived long after their return to Texas. The cause of their death varied among the eight from gunfights to suicide. One had drunk himself to death. The last of the eight died in 1875.

     A strange thing happened after the last cowboy died of the eight. Ghost riders started to appear on the Neches River. "They came just as the sun was sinking low on the horizon, when the immense Texan sky was a scarlet-streaked dome and the Neches ran red like a river of blood to the southeast...The ground beneath began to rumble, and the whole landscape started to shake. Up above, on the southern horizon, a group of what looked to be thick red clouds suddenly appeared, moving north at great speed. In the span of a few seconds, the clouds were overhead and were no longer clouds but a herd of angry cattle, driven forward by 12 masked cowboys. They roared over the Neches River in a terrible rush, the whole landscape shaking in their wake. And then, in the next instant, they were gone. They vanished suddenly in the dim evening sky, leaving not a trace of their passing."*

     If you are wondering why I put this Texas folklore on a blog talking about actors, music, TV series, etc. it is because this folklore pertains to music. The ghost riders of Neches River was immortalized in 1915 by country singer Stan Jones in his classic song "Ghost Riders in the Sky".

     If you never heard the song, your in for a treat. Here is my favorite video of the song. It is sung by Johnny Cash. Enjoy.


*I found this story in 'Ghost Stories of the Old West' by Dan Asfar. The story is on pages 78-83. The words in quotes are the words of the author of the book. There was no way I was going to mess with the beautiful words that described the scene he wrote of the ghost riders. The rest I put in my words.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

It sounds like a great idea to me


I was talking with an online friend yesterday in my e-mail.  He was telling me about an incident happened between two senators, Al Franken and Joe Lieberman.  Lieberman had asked nicely for an extra moment.  Franken immediately objected, telling Lieberman no, which led to a few senators getting ticked off about it.

I had asked my friend question pertaining to this subject.  While I was waiting for his response, I went You Tube to find the video that pertain to the incident so I could understand better the incident.  I found a video and listened to it.  Once I was finished listening to it, I started to read comments under the video to see what others had to say about it.  My friend had not responded to my question yet.  The comments were basically the same old rhetoric then I ran into the comment written by OrgeDaddy.  This is his comment.

If we are not going to prosecute members of Congress for accepting bribes and racketeering, least you should demand a NASCAR Congress so we know who is bribing these corporate shills.

C-SPAN needs to run banners during the broadcast indicating sponsorship and amounts received.  Fair balanced reporting regardless of party affiliation.


I immediately began to laugh.  It sounded like a great idea to me.  I was already visualizing senators and representatives in these cute NASCAR uniforms and caps.

My mind was starting to design this NASCAR uniform and cap for Congress.  The cap and bodysuit would be coded color represented whether the senator or representative was liberal, moderate, or conservative.  The cap would add the word senator or representative, depending on which house they were in.  Logos would be on front of the uniform, the senator or representative backed and bribe from. On that of the uniform would be the words ‘I proudly worked for we the people?’ On the forearms of the uniform would be a patch of the donkey, elephant, or ‘I’ depending on which patched they get would be determined by the party they were in.

For a moment, I can help but thank the uniform was missing something.  Then it occurred to me what it was.  The uniform need ornament, handprint ornament, to mark the spot for pat on the shoulder for a job well done.  Then my mind went to a shape of a target.  I knew where the target needed to go.  A place to get the senator or representative of good swift kick for a job badly done.

I couldn't go any further with my designing idea because my friend sent a reply to my question.  It was time to talk some more with him.


* This post was written August, 2010.  I wanted to keep this post because the blog I had this posted on I planned to delete.  Due to health issues I can only keep up with one blog and this is a blog I am keeping. You will probably see few more post from my other blogs also. I just have to revise them.

Do You Remember These Old Western Series


Yes, I made these two videos two years back I was in one of those moods to do some of the old classic western TV series.

The first one “Cowboying Up With The Old Western TV Series’ I did first. Yeap, you guessed it the song is ’Cowboy Up’ by Chris Ledoux. You’ll have to find out which TV western series are in this video, lol.

This second one ‘The Wild, Wild West with Western TV Series’ I did second because I did get all the old TV western series in the first. (I still didn’t get all of them in this one.) The song is ‘The Wild, Wild West’. It isn’t sung by Will Smith or Escape Club. It sung by Kool Moe Dee.

By the way, I remember most of these westerns. Some I watched with my dad and some I watched reruns of later in life.


Combat-Trying To Survive


This video is another one I made. I used clips I had of old TV series ‘Combat’, I added the song ‘Trying To Survive’ by Montgomery Gentry. The song seem to fit the clips I had.

Watch to see if you think the clips fit the song, enjoy.

Articles I Read On September 25, 2011


  1. Fast and Furious: Brian Terry Murder "Collateral Damage"
  2. Bill Clinton Takes Obama Gently to the Woodshed and Gives Him a Spanking

  3. Morning Examiner- Scandals plague Obama

  4. Obama predicts reelection

  5. ‘Go Give Someone a Pedicure Chink’- Alec Baldwin Leads Twitter Attack on Michelle Malkin Over Davis Execution

  6. Religious Discrimination- 8 Amish Men Jailed After Refusal to Post Safety Signs on Buggies

  7. California City Fines Couple for Holding Bible Study in Their Home

  8. Muslim Group Seeks to Ban Sharia Law in America

  9. President Obama ‘Campaigns’ to Reinvigorate Jewish-American Support

  10. ‘Zombie Survivability’ Alert! Are Government Officials Tracking Blaze Stories on the Undead?

  11. Mullen Asserts Pakistani Role in Attack on U.S. Embassy

  12. Kim Delaney Stumbles Through Speech, Is Escorted Off Stage

  13. Morgan Freeman- ‘Racist’ Tea Party Doing Whatever it Can ‘to Get this Black Man Out of Here

  14. Michael Moore Hints at Possible Future Violence- The Rich Can ‘Only Build The Gates so High

  15. Chris Christie reconsidering a run for Pres-

  16. Women We Love on TV

  17. Naomi Watts

  18. Meg Whitman's Political Reinvention

  19. Eat, Drink, Read: The Leftovers by Tom Perrotta

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bob Seger

TOLEDO, OH - MARCH 26:  Bob Seger performs dur...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife



Early Years

Bob Seger was born in Detroit, Michigan as Robert Clark Seger.  He lived in Detroit for a six years, where his family moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan.  When Seger was 10 years old, his father left them and moved to California.  He graduated from Ann Arbor High School parentheses (Now known as Pioneer High School).

Bob Seger Influences

* Little Richard

* Elvis Presley

* James Brown

* The Del Vikings

* Van Morrison

On the back of Seger’s albums ‘Back in ‘72’ and ‘Live Bullet’, he mentions for Frank Miller, John Fogerty, Bruce Springsteen, Graham Parker.  He mentioned them and hisself as having a connection to Van Morrison.

Early Career In Music

In 1961, Seger arrived in the music scene in Detroit with a three piece band called ‘The Decibels’.  The group recorded a demo called ‘The Lonely One’.  It was Seger’s first original song.

Seger joined the band the Town Criers after the Decibels disbanded.  He was the lead vocal.  The Town Criers had a steady following. 

On one of the Town Criers’ gigs, Seger met a man named Doug Brown was the lead vocalist of the group but Seger did get to sing lead on some of the songs.  The group released the first thing the' ‘TGIF’.  Seger appeared the group's parody of Barry Sadler's ‘Ballad of the Green Berets’ which was later read retitled ‘Ballad of the Yellow Berets'.  The song mocked draft dodgers.  The song was withdrawn from the market soon after it was released because Sadler and his record label threatened lawsuit.

It was later that Seger met Edward “Punch” Andrews, who became he has long time manager while he was still with the Omens.

Seger began writing and producing for other acts. It was around this time that Seger and Doug Brown were approached by current Andrews and Leone to write a song for the Underdogs.  The song was called ‘East Side Story’ himself.  He officially quit the Omens but retained Doug Brown as his producer. Seger released his version of the song as Bob Seger and the Last Heard with Hideout records in January, 1966.  The song ‘East Side Story' because a hit in the Detroit area.  The single sold 50,000 copies in Detroit.

The name “The Last Heard" referred to that collection of the Omens and the Town Criers, who also recorded 'East Side Story' with Seger but later because the name of Seger’s band.  The band assisted of the former Town Criers, Pep Perrine, Carl Lagassa, and Dan Honaker.

Following 'East Side Story' were four more singles: 'Sock It To Me Santa' {It was a James Brown inspired holiday single}, ‘Persecution Smith', ‘Vagrant Winter', and ‘Heavy Music'.

In 1968, Seger in the Last heard Heard signed up with Capitol Records.  Capital changed the name of the band to The Bob Seger System.  At this time,Carl Lagassa left the band and Bob Schultz joined.  The System's first single from Capitol was an antiwar song ‘2 + 2 =? ‘. The band's second single was “Ramblin' Gamblin'  Man”. The song “Ramblin' Gamblin'  Man” was a hit in the Detroit area. The song also became Seger's first nationally charted hit.

The System's next project was the ‘Noah’ album.  The album failed to chart at all.  It led Seger to briefly quit the music industry and attend college.  He returned the following year and put out the System’s final album ‘Mongrel’.

Afterwards, Seger went solo for a while.

In 1974, Seger formed the Silver Bullet Band. Seger and the Silver Bullet Band released the album ‘Seven’.

In 1976, Seger and his band had a breakthrough with the album ‘Live Bullet'.  The album stand on the charts for 168 weeks.  It to other albums.


Studio albums
Live albums
Compilation albums

Hello, I'm back, making changes and adjustments


I'm back.  I am sorry I hadn't posted for a few months it was because of health problems.  The health problems kept me from doing things for while.  The health problems have caused me to change and make some adjustments to my life.  Since my life has been change and making adjustments I'm gonna do the same with my blog. 

You will notice the changes I made in the layout, title change, and the scenery.  The post I will be making all be about my musings during the day.  It could be anything from video I liked, to politics, to movie stars, etcetera.  So stay tuned.

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