Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Article Read (4-14-2013)


  1. Albany teacher to students: Think like a Nazi

  2. NY Times on Jackie Robinson: Why did he have to be a Republican?

  3. Silence from Rubio and Gang of 8 on Cost of Welfare Benefits in Immigration Bill

  4. One Hearing After Less Than One Day to Read Gang of Eight Immigration Bill: Past Time for Repubs to Walk Away

  5. UN: Internet a Basic Human Right – Denying It Against International Law: Denying or Providing – Which Is It?

  6. Why Does Government Exist?

  7. Video: Sheriff Joe Responds To Assassination Attempt

  8. Video: Over 100,000 Sign Petition In Support Of German Homeschooling Family!

  9. Video: Remy: Jay-Z’s Cuba State Of Mind

  10. This Way to the Battle Boys! (Guest Commentary)

  11. Your “Left Wing” Chuckle For The Day!

  12. P/H Tears ‘Em Apart….Again!

  13. Ezekiel 16:20-25 (Tanakh [Navi-Prophets])

  14. Why I Don't Believe in the Rapture by David Weber

  15. Paige Norfleet: God Said, "Give Me the Paper"

  16. Demanding that others in his pay scale pay up to 50% Obamas pay only 18% taxes. Landlord Joe Biden pocketed $26,400 renting cottage to the Secret Service.

  17. I Have Grace Explosions Set For You

  18. Be Content

  19. Jesus Did Not Speak About Abortion Or Gay Marriage

  20. A Mountain Top Prayer

  21. Students go to Mosque on field trip to learn how to pray to Allah.

  22. BREAKING – Gun Confiscation Is Happening RIGHT NOW.

  23. Bill Maher Ignorantly Rants Against The Cuban Embargo, Adding Himself To The List Of Useful Idiots

  24. Nugent – “If you want to stop gun trafficking, arrest Eric Holder!”

  25. Actor Nick Searcy slams pro-aborts: How can they feign outrage at Gosnell? Was he ‘too messy?’

  26. Close vote seen on background checks on gun buyers

  27. First Amendment lesson sparks outrage at Florida school


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