Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Burden


This morning I woke up early because of my sinus. When my sinuses act up, I can’t get any rest so I get up and go into the living room to read my Bible.

I read my one chapter in my Bible and sit back in the chair.  All of a sudden I started to cry, I started to think of our dead. Our dead that was killed do to the gunrunning of Fast and Furious on both side of our southern border. The 4 dead that was left to die in Benghazi without help because someone told the help to “Stand down”. The dead that died from the Boston Marathon Bombing. I was crying because of the lies we been told about these deaths. I was crying because they hadn’t seen justice yet. I cried because of the cover-ups pertaining to these deaths. I cried because we have politicians that don’t care enough about these deaths to seek justice for them no matter how ugly it may be or they don’t have courage. I cried because we have politicians that called the bombing a tragedy instead of what it really is terrorism. I cried because we have politicians that want to see these deaths die into oblivion never to be heard about again.

I thought enough is enough. I started to petition God to give justice for these peoples’ deaths because I didn’t know what else to do. I asked God to let their killers directly and indirectly come to justice. I asked God not to let these cases die, to reveal the truth, open doors for the evidence to convict the people that done the evil.  I petitioned God to open the eyes of the American people to the evil that is running amok in our country. I also petitioned God to help us get rid of the politicians that deliberately go against the American people and purposely wanting to do them harm. I asked God to help us to right the wrongs we let happen, to have mercy on us.

I am telling you this to get it off my chest. I am also saying America we need to be praying more, God is the only One that can help us. We need miracles to get us back on track. Nothing we do alone will help unless we unit with God on our side.

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