Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Article Read (4-27-2013)


  1. Muslim cleric calls welfare ‘Jihadi Allowance’ needed to fight holy war

  2. Female US sailor beats her Pakistani rapist into submission

  3. New information points to possible 3rd suspect in Boston bombing

  4. Tamerlan Called Mother Sobbing Just Before He Died – She Was on the Same Terror Watch List as Her Son

  5. Bill Clinton At Bush Library Dedication: Did You Hear The One About Rewriting History?

  6. MSM in state of apoplexy over rumors Koch Bros interested in Tribune Co.

  7. I Am Anointed!

  8. Bubba Watson Turns the Other Cheek to "Haters"

  9. Prayer Vigil to be Held Outside Gosnell Trial Courthouse

  10. A Jury has found that fraud put Obama on 2008 ballot meaning that he likely did not qualify.

  11. Obama fatigue has opened the way to Bush affection.

  12. Word of the Lord for May 2013

  13. Satan's Invisible Fence

  14. Opinion: Obama's hubris problem

  15. Time To DO!

  16. “God Bless You”????

  17. “State Sponsored” Terrorists

  18. #youjustpulledanobama: Ridiculing abject failure; Will Obama become a verb?

  19. If you don’t laugh at this hashtag, #YouJustPulledAnObama

  20. Actors Nick Searcy and Ken Wahl weigh in on Cher’s ‘heartless, soulless animals’ rant

  21. Amen: Ted Cruz on vile Sac Bee cartoon: ‘Liberal leanings’ shouldn’t ‘trump respect and decency’

  22. The Sheep of Watertown

  23. Destroying America, as we watch:

  24. Another socialist success story:

  25. The best takedown of a lefty idiot EVER!

  26. Martial law. Boston.

  27. Super Sizing the Council

  28. Indoctrination Of The Young

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