Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Where Are The Prophets Of Old?-Kathleen Blake


I have read the prophecies of modern prophets.

Some don’t seem to sound right.

They sound in the same box as prosperity worshippers.

They don’t past Bible test.

They just tickle the ears of their congregation.

They don’t seem to measure up to the prophets of the old testament.

I can’t help but to compare them to the prophets of the old testament.

I can’t help but wonder.

Where are the Deborahs who lead an army to battle and won?

Where are the Samuels who gave Israel their first king?

Where are the Nathans who prophesied against a king who betrayed a friend?

Where are the Isaiahs  who jump up and down, waving his hands, joyfully saying “send me, send me” and prophesied of a Messiah coming?

Where are the Huldahs who prophesied to helped a king turn to God’s laws?

Where are the Jeremiahs who prophesied against their country and yet was sadden by their captivity to pray for hope for them?

Where are the Elijahs who had the courage to challenge a king, his wife, and 450 prophets of Baal?

Where are the Elishas who helped his king against the Armenians and delivered them into his king’s hands?

Where are the Hoseas who married a prostitute to show the Israelites how far they fell from God?

Where are the Zachariahs who gave hope to God’s people by revealing God’s future deliverance?

Where are the Joels who prophesied of God’s army in the end times and a call for repentance?

Where are the Amos who prophesied against Israel’s neighbors?

Where are the Obadiahs who prophesied of his country’s restoration and hide God’s prophets from Jezebel and Ahab?

Where are the Josephs and the Daniels who translated dreams for kings?

Where are the Ezekiels who prophesied over dry bones and the bones came alive?

Where are the Micahs who prophesied for God a judgment against Samaria and Jerusalem?

Where are the Nahums who prophesied “woe” against Nineveh and told of her atrocities?

Where are the Habakkuk who complained to the Lord of the injustice, wicked, and the wrong he saw?

Where are the Zephaniahs who prophesied of the great day of our Lord?

Where are the Haggais who called the people of Jerusalem to rebuild God’s temple?

Where are the Malachis who confronted the people with their sins and to restore their relationship with God?

We need these prophets of old to help us.

To tell our kings their doing evil.

To tell our leaders they are doing wrong.

To tell us it is time to restore and rebuild.

To warn us of up coming dangers.

To challenge the prophets of prosperity.

To challenge the prophets of abortion and of injustice.

To lead our armies to victory against our oppressors and enemies.

Could the next Malachi be you?

Could the next Ezekiel be a friend?

Could the next Huldah be family?

Could the next Jeremiah be me?

We need to call on our Lord to find out and see where he will direct us.

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