Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Article Read (4-28-2013) (4-29-2013)


  1. Russia Tapped Phone of Tsarnaev Mother and Tamerlan – Discussing Jihad

  2. Tamerlan’s Wife Katherine Russell May Have Tipped Him of Manhunt: Where Was Their Child?

  3. Jim Duggan Cabby Had Tsarnaevs in Cab With Backpack Weighing 20 Pounds

  4. Dzhokhar Friends Under Arrest are Two Men In The Times Square Photo With Him

  5. Jon Stewart’s Cojones Invited to The Five: Radical Islam – Video

  6. Ricin Letters: Everett Dutschke Arrested in Tupelo: Dutschke Under Investigation for Child Molestation

  7. How’s This for Treason: Rubio Shamesty Bill Trashes E-Verify Immediately – Replaces It With Nothing for Years

  8. NKorea Charges US Man Of Plot To Overthrow Regime

  9. An Open Letter To The U.S. Secret Service

  10. Psalm 25:4-8 (Tanakh [Ketuvim - Writings])

  11. Sunday Worship Music: Rooftops

  12. Prophetic Fulfillment Before your VERY EYES

  13. Your Heart Is Strong

  14. Liberal idiocy, home brewed in NZ.

  15. Gecko gets an email…..

  16. Bleeding Heart Liberals

  17. Warning from an Ex-Muslim

  18. Uncle Ruslan Tsarnai (Tsarnaev) Married Daughter of “Top” CIA Official Graham Fuller

  19. Obama Spent 47 Ten-Hour Workdays on Economy Since Elected Jan 2009

  20. Pennsylvania Takes Newborn Away from Parents for Questioning HepB Vaccination

  21. OK City Grand Mosque Vandalized: FBI Investigates Immediately

  22. Liberal Dem. says Bush saved more lives than any US president

  23. Judge Jeanine Pirro flips out on ‘mother of Islamic jihadis’

  24. When the Church and the World do NOT Intersect – ...

  25. Throw Your Cares Aside

  26. How to Lose Yourself in God

  27. Responding to a 'Friendly Atheist' Who Isn't Too Happy With Me

  28. God's goodness is the basis for our peace

  29. 18 Congressmen Expose Abortionist from House Floor

  30. Pentagon Unblocks Baptist Website

  31. I Am Re-Ordering Your Path So You Can Finish the Race!

  32. Now we are monsters! Pentagon Taps Anti-Christian Extremist for Religious Tolerance Policy

  33. House Panel Rips Obama Over Drilling Permits

  34. Even Candy Land Isn’t Safe From Sexy

  35. More on the Word of the Lord for May 2013

  36. Undercover Videos Expose Illegal Late-Term Abortion Practices in NY, DC

  37. Hundreds Participate in Idaho March for Pastor Saeed Abedini

  38. President Obama: "Thank you, Planned Parenthood. God bless you."

  39. Power of the People – (R.I. Related)

  40. Report Indicates Obama Spent TWICE as much time golfing and vacationing than on fixing economy…

  41. Another Obamacare Mandate – You MUST Enroll In A Retirement Account

  42. Congressman Chaffetz to DHS – Why Is Government Buying So Much Ammo? (R.I. RELATED)

  43. Senator Ted Cruz: We're winning...

  44. Rep.Trey Gowdy Says More Benghazi Hearings Are Coming Quickly...

  45. photo.

  46. Stoners – Do They Vote?

  47. Obama – The BIGGEST Flaw

  48. Is Europe waking up to cultural genocide?

  49. iTunes runs out of music

  50. 300 Protesters March in Auckland over Basset Sales

  51. Judge Rules in Favor of ICE Agents Suing Obama

  52. Border Agents Not Allowed To Do Their Jobs

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