Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Heroes Are-Kathleen Blake


The media think heroes are people who stand up for abortion.

The media thinks heroes are people who call evil good and good evil.

The media’s heroes think are Benedict Arnolds who betrayed their country.

The media’s heroes lie about racism and ruin people’s reputation.

I truly think the media has a screwed up idea of heroes.

Heroes are like Superman standing up for truth and justice and the American way.

Heroes speak up for those who can’t.

Heroes are like General Patton who helped run the Germans out of Africa.

Heroes are people who die for another.

Heroes are like Abraham Lincoln who set the captives free.

Heroes are like George Washington who rose up when his country needed him.

Heroes are like Martin Luther King who fought hard for a dream of equality among the Blacks.

Heroes are like Paul Revere who road under the midnight sky, yelling “The British are coming”.

Heroes are like Winston Churchill who encouraged his country during its darkest hour.

Heroes are cops who captures criminals.

Heroes are firemen who put out a fire and rescue cute kitten from a tree.

Heroes are like Audie Murphy who lead his platoon from the front, not back.

Heroes are like Ronald Reagan who called Communist Russia, the evil empire and stood up for the American people.

Heroes are like Margret Thatcher who lead her people from the wrong direction.

Heroes don’t divide their nation but keep it strong and united.

Heroes don’t try to burden their people with law after law to oppress them.

Heroes are the silent ones who comfort another in need.

Heroes don’t take guns away from people when they know the people need to protect themselves.

Heroes don’t leave their people behind to die.

Heroes don’t cover up an evil and lie about it. They seek the truth for justice.

Heroes are leaders strong and brave and stand up for what is right.

Heroes are unsung people who try to get another off the street from prostitution and gangs.

Most of all heroes love the people that sent him to the cross.

All of these is what the Media is not, a no hero.

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