Sunday, April 14, 2013

I Was Watching Playing For Change Videos Last Night On You Tube


The videos were good and I commend them for standing up for something. I couldn’t help to think was it really accomplishing anything. You can play all you want but it doesn’t change facts.

The poor still need to be help. Have we helped the poor? Giving them clothes we never use, food.

We have corrupt judges that won’t stick up for the poor, children, and just. They stick up for the unjust and give criminals a slap on the wrist. We need to get these judges out of office.

We have corrupt and oppressive leaders that need to be taken out of office. Have we spoke out against them? Are we doing what we can to get them out?

Have we said hi and hugged our elderly lately? Some of our elderly are lonely and need some one to talk to. Have we adopted one as a grandma or grandpa to spend time with? Or spend time with your own grandma and grandpa.

We have helped children out on the streets hungry and dying. Have we taken a child off the streets and helped them? Have we adopted one? Have we sent money to orphanages or care groups to help?

Have we spoken up for the ones who can’t speak for themselves?

Have we sent money to find a cure for a disease?

Have we helped someone in a nature disaster?

These are places to start.

It is right in playing for change but it also getting out there and making a difference, giving our love and work.

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