Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Article Read (4-9-2013)


  1. President Obama denounces political stunts during political stunt

  2. Farewell Dame Thatcher

  3. Obama makes insensitive, graphic comment in Conn. speech

  4. Obama’s insult to Margaret Thatcher: Michelle and I carry on her work

  5. Former SEAL’s gun message to arrogant politicians: How dare you

  6. I Quit: Joel Osteen Target Of Elaborate Hoax

  7. Palin, Beck flip out over MSNBC ad

  8. Black mob attack on elderly white halted

  9. Navy SEAL: 'There's guilt in this administration'

  10. Both Criminal

  11. Get That Filibuster ON!!

  12. We Could ALL Learn A Lot From This Lady

  13. Wild Bill – Gun Therapy For Liberals (17 April 2012)

  14. One Classy Dame!

  15. Why Sin is Not Preached About

  16. Rivers of Deliverance

  17. God Is Moving On Capitol Hill

  18. A Line Has Been Drawn in the Sand

  19. Remembering Britain's "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher

  20. Remembering the Holocaust: Israel's March of the Living

  21. "Once Again I Shall Speak: Light Be! Let There Be Light!"

  22. May We All Have Such Dreams!

  23. Ears to Hear/Hearts to Obey

  24. A Diamond in the Rough

  25. God Established Marriage Equality 6000 Years Ago

  26. Pastor Adedini Birthday Letter Campaign to Flood Evin Prison, ACLJ Hopes

  27. “If Barack Obama Had A White Father He’d Look Just Like….John McCain”

  28. Battle of the Euro Titans – Scandal, Taxes, The IMF, And An Old Man…

  29. Bear Invades Man’s Home. Man Shoots Bear. Man Now Charged With Crime.

  30. Obama Fears the Armed Citizenry

  31. When the Revolution Comes it will be Bloody - The government has it right on this

  32. How Many Dead Babies?

  33. Did Fox News Successfully Shame The Media Into Covering Jana Winter’s First Amendment Fight?

  34. Those In The Media Should Be Required To Undergo Background Checks

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