Monday, April 8, 2013

My Article Read (4-6-2013) (4-7-2013)


  1. Sarah Palin’s latest call to action

  2. Michelle Malkin: AP Banishes Illegal Aliens – Abject Politicization of Liberal Politics

  3. Hey - I'm officially a member of an extremist group...

  4. Air Force One: Your tax dollars at work... (video)

  5. Obama Care. Just wait to see what happen in 2013 & 2014!

  6. Looks Good, Spring is on the way

  7. The 3rd Amendment Is Important!

  8. More Slaughter Of The Innocent

  9. Another Murder Arrest In Podunk

  10. A NON Existent “Country”?

  11. Intellectual Froglegs – Attack of the 50Ft Hairdresser

  12. Both have inherent Error

  13. Give Up Your Efforts - Nathan. Berry

  14. Anointed in the Heathen Circle

  15. How Do We Respond to a Violent Culture?

  16. Sandie Freed: Baptize Your Promised Land by Pleading the Blood

  17. Obama budget to take aim at IRAs.

  18. The Sounds of Silence

  19. Hackers Target Website for Children with Cancer,

  20. Mom of murdered Benghazi officer tells Hannity heartbreaking story

  21. Jane Fonda Still Doesn’t Get it


  23. Fed-up Christians out to defeat 'homofascism'

  24. Barack Obama Chained – Hollywood’s Little D.C. Slave

  25. A far cry from an "ordinary American" saving lives...

  26. The New World Order returns, with MSNBC as its propaganda outlet...

  27. A Time to Stand by Dr. Steve Elwart

  28. Kevin Jackson – Obama’s Economy

  29. Yellow?

  30. Ecclesiastes 6:1-12 (Tanakh [Ketuvim - Writings])

  31. I will impart to whomever is ready to receive

  32. The Oil Shall Endure

  33. Prayer Alert: Pastor Rick Warren's Son, Matthew, Commits Suicide

  34. Bill Yount: The Bumps on the Road to Glory

  35. Rick Warren’s son commits suicide

  36. Pope Francis Warns Catholic That They Need to Know What It Is To Be Saved

  37. Thirteen years ago on Divine Mercy Sunday

  38. Thus Saith The Lord!

  39. Destroyed: Obama Mama Passport Records Come Back To Haunt Him; Mystery Solved?

  40. Republicans, Democrats reject Obama budget


  42. Anti-drones activists plan month of protest over Obama's 'kill' policy

  43. From an ER Doctor in Naples, FL

  44. Bible Verses Obama Seems to Have Missed

  45. GABON: The how and why of these horrible ritual

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