Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Article Read (4-1-2013)


  1. Obama Demands Sheriffs Enforce Gun Bans

  2. The Rise Of The “NEW” American Patriot

  3. Obama's ugly Easter service

  4. Easter Bunny On Motorcycle Stopped On Southland Freeway For Failing To Wear A Helmet

  5. Happy Easter from Google

  6. The Obama White House – High Life Losers Who Don’t Give A Damn…

  7. April Fool's Day 2013...

  8. we misunderstood what he meant.

  9. Things Obama Claims he did.. which he didn't. His list of Accomplishments are a tally of failures

  10. Wayne Dupree – Red Eye Slap Down of Not Funny Carrey

  11. Still Useless After All These Years!

  12. Two Steps to Awakening in America

  13. Marked for a Purpose

  14. How God Works Behind the Scenes to Position You for Miracles

  15. One in Three Americans Say the Bible is The Answer

  16. When will we admit the truth about Islam?

  17. Los Angeles Revival will go on for a 5th Week!

  18. What the Lord is Saying Today – April 2013

  19. The Great Heavenly Ship Vision

  20. Google Doodle Honors Cesar Chavez, Not Jesus Christ, on Easter Sunday

  21. 'The Bible' Series: Hollywood Gets the Message It's Good Business to Respect Christians

  22. Afghan Teen Kills U.S. Soldier Playing With Local Children By Stabbing Him In The Neck, Pentagon Lies And Says He Was Killed During Combat With The Taliban…

  23. Those Cheeky British Military Working Dogs

  24. Ted Cruz a Lifeline for the Conservative Party?

  25. Why I Love @FrPontifex

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