Friday, April 12, 2013

I Agree The Pastoral Silence Has To End


The pastors silence is condoning what are government is doing to us.  Our pastors are suppose to take the lead and say “it is time for us to speak out”, “there is evil running in our land”.

The Christians in Germany remain silent during Hitler’s rise. They might of stopped Hitler by speaking up and his atrocities might of never been. Does the U.S. pastors want a repeat of what happened in Germany?

The pastoral silence must end! by Ken Hutcherson, World Net Daily

My friends, the time has come to stand up and speak. Today in the United States of America, there are over 450,000 churches, which includes evangelical, Protestant and Catholic. That means there are over one-half million pastors, ministers and priests overseeing these congregations. Further, the records will show, each week over 60 million people attend these churches’ services. On the other hand, there are less than 2 million Islamic people in the United States. Statistics show less than 3 percent of people profess to be of homosexual preference, yet you would never know that by watching television news or the shows they put on the air for every man, woman and child to watch. These two groups are considered “most favored” by the liberal agenda. So, I will ask you the question, pastor: Are you supposed to be protecting the tiny little minority attacking our Christian belief or the millions of sheep you have committed to the Lord you will protect? And by the way, whom do you fear more – the counterfeit or the Creator?

My friends, can you please step up to the plate like Jackie Robinson did so many years ago for every black person in America, and stand up for justice and equality as only Christ can grant? The freedom to own a gun to protect our families is being threatened hourly by those seeking our demise. Religious persecution of our children in the public schools is as deadly as any cancer we have ever seen. I can assure you the Islamic clerics in America wouldn’t sit back and say nothing! We, as a body of believers, are playing a dangerous game of “silent roulette,” with pastors afraid to speak out and yet holding a weapon no gun can be compared with. The words are “pastoral silence.” This silence has lead to alarming levels of intimidation and persecution of our children in the public schools. Our political system has sunk to an all-time low, encouraging “special-interest politicians” supporting anti-Christian values, such as gay marriage, no respect for human life (both unborn and born) and the removal of the middle class in America, with no consequence for their arrogant actions.

Where are you, my fellow pastors, who have remained silent in the genocide of millions of unborn children, the takeover of our once Judeo-Christian heritage in government, the courts and the recent abandonment of our peer in Iran, who is beaten daily for his Christian faith? Can you not even speak up against our State Department allowing this persecution to happen to this American Christian citizen?


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