Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Article Read (4-16-2013)


  1. Video: Obama’s Watergate

  2. Obama Applies PC Band-Aid To Boston Terrorism

  3. Video: Beck: Muslims Responsible For Boston Bombing

  4. Video: United Impeach Obama Protest – Tax Day Tea Party

  5. Call it what it is: Evil

  6. Petition: Confiscate Guns Door by Door – Only Illegal Guns on The Streets: Californians Love the Petition Video

  7. 65!

  8. Statewide TeaParty Protest Against Marco Rubio Planned in Florida

  9. It’s not a tragedy, Mr. President, it’s a terror attack

  10. Van Jones turns on Obama: ‘Mr. President, this is not change we can believe in’

  11. Another killer disease striking homosexuals

  12. Why the Western Church is in Such Disarray

  13. I am and I am not a universalist by Robert Farrar Capon...

  14. Sounds of Transformation

  15. Eyewitness Cries ‘Jesus, Jesus’ as Debris Flies After Bombing in Boston

  16. Jim Wallis, You Have Betrayed the Word of God and the People of God

  17. Christian Rapper Calls Out, Names Prosperity Preachers

  18. Deadly Explosions at Boston Marathon Claim 3 Lives, Leave 176 Injured

  19. How Twitter Became a Voice for the Unborn when Traditional Media Failed

  20. Boston Marathon bombing: Feds raid apartment, police seek rental van (+video)

  21. Muslim extremist leader happy to see horror in America, praises the bombing

  22. Ears to Hear/Hearts to Obey

  23. Liberal Buffoon Michael Moore Blames Tea Party For Boston Bombing

  24. Rest In Peace Lil’ Dude

  25. Let Them Do Their Job

  26. Oh My….

  27. “An Act Of Terror”

  28. Harvard Students Criticize University Response to Marathon Explosions, Cambridge Bomb Threats

  29. Iran Earthquake 2013: Large Quake Reportedly Felt Across Middle East Region (VIDEO)

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