Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Article Read (4-10-2013)


  1. Barack Obama's new middle class tax hike

  2. Senate likely to foil gun-control filibuster

  3. Americans Have Been Sequestered By Their Elected Public Servants

  4. Video: Hawaii Gov. Used Search Warrant To Find Obama Birth Certificate

  5. God's rules put Los Angeles on notice

  6. The Sending Anointing

  7. Do You Unknowingly Exalt Men Above God?

  8. Craig Groeschel: Christians, Here's Why We're Losing Our Religion

  9. Police Watch as Muslim Mob Ransacks Christian Neighborhood

  10. Ur, Home of Abraham, Unearthed

  11. Healing at a Soccer Match Results in Nearly the Whole Team—all Muslims—Coming to Christ

  12. Finishing Well: How is Your House Built?

  13. MSNBC: Kids Don’t Belong to Their Parents

  14. In Your Hands, Lord

  15. Be Still Before The LORD and Wait Patiently for Him

  16. Senator Rand Paul Says America In Need Of A “Spiritual Cleansing”

  17. NRA Fires Back Against Attempted Senate Gun Grab

  18. There is something fundamentally wrong with a country when disgraced politicians...

  19. Pretty girls with firepower...

  20. Something is Really Wrong with this Picture

  21. The Other Passing

  22. Lil’ Kim And His Toy Box

  23. I’m Sure You’ve Seen Them….

  24. Freakin’ Hypocrites!

  25. Obama Group Screws Up Domain Name Registration

  26. Firefighters Held Hostage In Standoff With Gunman

  27. FULL LETTER – Social conservative groups warn RNC supporters could abandon GOP if party abandons principles

  28. Mother Jones’ Source May Be in a Mother Lode of Trouble

  29. Want gun control? Here's your sign!

  30. #OpFaceTheFBI Agenda

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