Friday, May 3, 2013

My Article Read (5-2-2013)


  1. Americans support death penalty for bomber

  2. Donna Brazile Praise for George W. Bush and Hurricane Katrina: Bush “Was as Good as His Word”

  3. Reminder: Chair of Hillary’s ‘Independent’ Accountability Review Board (ARB) is Her “Close Friend,” Bill’s Appointee

  4. Robel Philipos Third Man Arrested in Boston Marathon Bombings: Dumped Dzhokhar Backpack in Landfill – Police Recovered It – New Tweet From Dzhokhar!

  5. Benghazi Whistleblower Part 2: Mastermind of Benghazi Attack Identified by US – Walks Free in Libya

  6. Jews Use Sorcery Against Iran!

  7. Saudis Refused Tamerlan Trip to Mecca, Warned US of His Plans to Bomb a Major US City: Whistleblower Talks

  8. Video: Congressman Punts On Impeaching Obama

  9. Benghazi Whistle Blower: “… Americans Were Deliberately Left There To Die”

  10. Billboard Offends Liberals, Again

  11. Video: Lame Duck Status “Creeping Up” On Obama Sooner Than Expected

  12. Video: Iran President Ahmadinejad Arrested!

  13. Russia Delivers New Al-Qaida Warning To U.S.

  14. Is being Wrong Prophetically mean someone made a Mistake...

  15. Extravagance and Splendor

  16. Pray for America

  17. When Rock-Star Preachers Spew a False Gospel

  18. Mike Huckabee: Why America Needs God More Than Ever

  19. Persecuted, Imprisoned Pastor's Wife Asks Obama to Step Up

  20. Kentucky Derby Triggers Spike in Human Trafficking

  21. Pastor Greg Laurie Opens National Day of Prayer at Pentagon

  22. North Korea Sentences "devout Christian" American to 15 Years Hard Labor

  23. Amazing and Historic Springtime Snow Hits US Heartland

  24. A Key To Friendship With God: Be Still!


  26. The Most Important Blog I Have Ever Written.

  27. That I May Know Him

  28. President Obama Calls on Americans to 'Reflect on Sacredness of Life' on Nat'l Day of Prayer

  29. Ohio Air Reservoir Manufacturing Company Sues HHS Over Mandate

  30. John Piper Lauds ESPN Analyst's Response to Jason Collins' 'Gay Christian' Claim

  31. Apparently The Only One Who Wants To Rape An Angry Feminist Is Herself

  32. Coldest Spring On Record…Take Your Climate Change And Shove It

  33. Y.H.G.T.B.K. – Harry Reid Calls For More Money To Prevent Obamacare “Train Wreck”

  34. Our precious Bunni has crossed the Rainbow Bridge...w/ Update's 1 and 2

  35. Who’s Violent?

  36. If Not Now…When?

  37. “Loyalty Day”??

  38. Justice? For illegal immigrants, not for Aussies.

  39. FFS!

  40. ‘Poor, poor academics’

  41. Roache infestation [updated]

  42. Maurice for Mayor - Be ye not afraid

  43. Shhhh... DADT, I'm Christian

  44. Operation USA : To Obama from Anonymous hackers

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