Friday, May 31, 2013

My Article Read (5-30-2013)


  1. IRS Corruption: 'How high up did it go?'

  2. Liberal media tells Holder to put meeting on record

  3. Startling ObamaCare Map of State Exchange Options: Who’s the Decider?

  4. Watcher’s Council Nominations – Scandal? What Scandal Edition

  5. Ft Hood Jihadist Nidal Hasan Seeks to Represent Self in Trial: Perfect for Appeals – Amassed $278K While Imprisoned

  6. Obama Calls Moore Oklahoma Monroe Oklahoma

  7. Rocker Adam Levine’s live national blooper: ‘I hate this country’

  8. Poll: Do you think Attorney General Holder committed perjury?

  9. Tiny Lego gun on school bus gets child in absurd trouble

  10. Debbie Schlussel massacres threats to silence her in ‘Starbucks Jihad’ case

  11. Could Sen. Harry Reid be the next big Dem scandal?

  12. Carney Demolished by Reporters Today Over Holder Scandal


  14. Video: Obama’s SEAL Team 6 Coverup

  15. Major Announcement! Obama Fraud Case – Breaking!

  16. Video: DHS Accosts Journalists After They Expose Hypocrisy

  17. Police Shoot Before Asking Questions, Killing Innocent Man

  18. Block Logic by Os Hillman

  19. Rick Joyner: Disciples of the Kingdom of Heaven – ...

  20. Steve Hill: Going to War With the Holy Spirit

  21. Christian artist Carman Asks for Prayer after being Admitted into ER

  22. More Severe Weather Threatens Oklahoma, Missouri Today and Tomorrow

  23. TV Ratings: MSNBC Falls Below HLN in May, Rachel Maddow Hits Lows


  25. The Fruit of The Lord’s Turbulence

  26. Oklahoma Tornado Survivors Get Help From 80 Men in Substance Abuse Recovery

  27. Bam! DNC’s Woodhouse tells journos to suck up off-the-record Holder meeting or shaddup; Tapper, Ace shred

  28. One Texas Woman’s Fight Against The Illegal Tyranny Of The Obama Regime…

  29. It's Thursday...

  30. Michelle Obama: "she and her husband are low-rent, no-class trash" according to Camp of the Saints...

  31. IDIOT

  32. In The Words Of Victor Davis Hanson….

  33. At The Top Of Drudge

  34. Tax Dollars…Aiding the Farmers?

  35. The Time Of Cowards

  36. Less than 3 minutes from home

  37. Dhimmi England

  38. FBI: Two women sought in Inland child porn investigation

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