Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Article Read (5-29-2013)


  1. Hillary’s — And Now Obama’s — “Vast Left-wing Cover-up”

  2. Mr. Rubio, Fold Up Your Tent And Go Home

  3. Video: Patriots Being Led Into “Kill Zone” At D.C. “Armed Revolt”

  4. Court Stays Out Of Planned Parenthood Funding Case

  5. Perjury probe for Eric Holder

  6. Dishonoring America's Veterans

  7. Desperate People Will Grab on to Any Life Line – Even Oklahomans? Even Barack Obama?

  8. Malmö’s (And Sweden’s) Final Solution

  9. Official Cross-Dressing Day for kids sparks outrage

  10. IRS scandals prompt Obama to 'get out of Dodge'

  11. The World's Measure is not the Same as the Kingdom...

  12. No More Spineless Christianity

  13. No, Mr. President, It’s the Terrorists Who Will Never Win This War

  14. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ

  15. Gosnell's Wife Sentenced: "My Husband Was Cowardly"

  16. US Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Planned Parenthood De-funding Case

  17. Do You Know What Is Really Going On?

  18. Holder ‘Beginning to Feel a Creeping Sense of Personal Remorse’

  19. “A Great Shaking For An Awakening”


  21. REPUBLICAN INSIDER: White House And Congress Meet Regarding “Holder’s Departure”

  22. Dr. Charles Krauthammer – What Was Obama Doing The Night Americans Died?

  23. Scathing Obama Is Nixon Video…

  24. Eric Holder’s Mea Culpa To Mainstream Media – “I’m Sorry”

  25. A Lesson I learned From Jeannie

  26. Evolution Is A Religion!

  27. Brewing Scandals

  28. A Very Sad Day

  29. The Black Sphere – Trust Issues

  30. The Future Is Looking Dim!

  31. C.S. Lewis:

  32. Well, that’s 70,000 who won’t be coming here

  33. We.Don’t.Believe.You.

  34. the British Bias Corporation:

  35. Union pigs:

  36. Warmist liars

  37. More leftist scumbaggery:

  38. Islam and the Fear Of Offending

  39. The Five Hosts Call For Eric Holder’s Resignation: ‘His Reputation Is Permanently Tarnished’

  40. Conservatives set to defuse Ted Cruz Twitter bomb, launch #CruzToVictory; Update: Victory!

  41. Chicago braces for Obama fundraising visit; Protestors march against ‘deporter in chief’

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