Friday, May 24, 2013

My Article Read (5-23-2013)


  1. London: There Are No Words

  2. CME And Solar Radiation Storm

  3. Establishment vs Tea Party

  4. Issa to force Lerner to testify after she bungled taking the Fifth

  5. It’s all her fault! White House pins both scandals on one lady

  6. ‘JournoList’ revived: Liberal reporters quietly summoned to White House

  7. NY Gov. Cuomo tries to silence anti-gun control sheriffs

  8. Fall gal: Obama officials reportedly blame icky lawyer lady for preventing Benghazi transparency

  9. Press Mess: Obama Under a Wave of Condemnation

  10. The Snow Globe

  11. 10 Things the Bible Will Do for You

  12. U.S. House Bypasses President for Approval of Keystone Pipeline

  13. Colorado Sheriffs United in Opposition to State Gun Control Law

  14. Newly Introduced Bill, Supported by Planned Parenthood, NARAL, Targets Crisis Pregnancy Centers

  15. Beheader justifying his act by referring to the Quran was censored by media to deceive the public

  16. No Place for Compromise

  17. IRS Targeted Adoptive Families Over Tax Credit; Little Evidence of Fraud Found

  18. Barack Obama Quotes Great American Founding Father “JANE” Madison…

  19. “Maybe Valerie Jarrett Should Do The Next Press Conference Instead” (WHI Related)

  20. Michelle Obama Plans Extended Posh Vacation During Summer of Scandal…

  21. BTW: Trey Gowdy was right! Lois Lerner to be hauled back to testify...

  22. Trifecta: Obamacare: A looming nightmare...(video)

  23. Lois Lerner: "I have not done anything wrong. I have not broken any laws. I have not violated any IRS rules or regulations, and I have not provided false information to this or any other Congressional committee."...

  24. Japan: The Land Without Muslims

  25. Biden asks clergy to make moral argument on guns

  26. Shameful!

  27. Horse Manure!!

  28. Pardon us for laughing

  29. Land of my fathers…..

  30. And you think your day turned to sh*t?

  31. NO. NO. NO. NO.

  32. Brave woman confronts man who hacked soldier to death

  33. Obama defends US drone program, renews push to close Guantanamo, get heckled

  34. Administration decries human rights violations against Muslims, not Christians

  35. Snort! Bret Baier rocks Twizzlers tie; Twizzlers tweets he is ‘Fox’s most delicious anchor’

  36. Giant Sphinx Discovered Among Bermuda Triangle Pyramids

  37. Sen. Rand Paul zings President Obama: PowerPoint presentations are not due process

  38. Obama orders Justice Department review after Fox News, AP phone records seized

  39. Letters of Intimidation to Tea Party Groups from Lois Lerner - IRS Director of Exempt Organizations


  41. Convenient! IRS’ Lois Lerner placed on paid‘administrative leave’; Ace smells a ‘pivot’


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