Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Article Read (5-13-2013)


  1. Inhofe: Benghazi an Orchestrated CoverUp – Not a Short Story – Hillary’s “Forceful Attitude” a Clue

  2. Pickering Mullen Refuse to Testify on Benghazi? Issa: Hillary Not a Target!

  3. Benghazi Incest: White House Officials Connected to NBC CBS CNN Working Directly for Obama

  4. Whistleblower Hicks, a Democrat, voted for Obama and guess who else?

  5. Rand Paul: ‘Watching anti-American globalists plot against our Constitution makes me sick’

  6. Poll: Alaskans Want Sarah Palin to Run for U.S. Senate

  7. Video: The First 2016 Anti-Hillary Ad

  8. Banned From Washington, DC

  9. Samuel Chose the King...or did he?

  10. Kathie Walters: The Story of The Ring: Simply Believe...

  11. A mother's prayer

  12. Mom of Rescued Cleveland Girl: "Best Mother's Day ever" to Have Her Back

  13. God's Master Plan For Your Life

  14. Republicans call for depositions in Benghazi probe, amid revelation Clinton barely interviewed.

  15. Gunmen Shoot 2 Kids, 17 Others at New Orleans Mother's Day Parade

  16. Liberal Democrat Kucinich Blasts Obama White House For Benghazi Political Deaths…

  17. Obama SEAL Team 6 Death Story Going Mainstream (VIDEO)

  18. Obama and the IRS...

  19. Would you vote for this woman as president?...

  20. A German's View on Islam

  21. Chicago Law Professors: Obama Was Lazy and Unqualified

  22. Government Grows As WE, The People, Disappear

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