Monday, May 13, 2013

My Article Read (5-12-2013)


  1. CBS boss’ brother is top Obama official, reporter may get dumped over Benghazi

  2. Sarah Palin calls for accountability, full investigation on IRS scandal

  3. Judge Jeanine Pirro: ‘A lie, is a lie, is a lie’

  4. Biden and Kerry: Planning to Politically Damage Hillary?


  6. Obama Has Won! Is Civil War Inevitable?

  7. Obadiah 3-7 (Tanakh [Navi - Prophets])

  8. Bill Yount: The Best Mother On Earth

  9. A Season of Open Doors

  10. Calling Out the Called Ones!

  11. Fire Meeting Prophecy

  12. New Zealand’s constitutional “debate”

  13. Claiming to be “winning the hearts and minds” of barbarians is code for surrender.

  14. ‘Australia’s Killing Fields’

  15. Hang the bastard traitor in the White House–and the military brass along with him.

  16. Gangster government:

  17. The NZ Constitution Charade

  18. Energy Companies To Be Given To Charity

  19. It makes a difference: Twitter sums up #BenghaziInFourWords

  20. Boom: Benghazi mom wishes Hillary Clinton a happy Mother’s Day; ‘She has her child; I don’t have mine’

  21. Boom! Glenn Beck to conservative bloggers: We’re going to take the mainstream media down

  22. Counter Jihadist Assassination Attempt; Where’s the American Media?

  23. Rep. Rogers: Expect More Whistleblowers to Testify on Benghazi

  24. Shaun Adkins USMC Veteran who dismantled Sen Machin; I wanted answers and the truth, DC has failed

  25. Circling the wagons: Sen. Feinstein says Benghazi hearing all about ‘discrediting Hillary’ [video]


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