Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Article Read (4-30-2013)


  1. Video: Obama: ‘Maybe I Should Just Pack Up And Go Home. Golly.’

  2. Fox News Darling Attacks Talk Radio Conservatives

  3. Video: Obama: ‘Not Familiar’ With Benghazi Whistleblowers Being Threatened

  4. More VIPs On Board With Obama Fraud Case!

  5. Video: Schlafly: Immigration Reform ‘Suicide For The Republican Party’

  6. Obama Intentionally Hurting The Nation

  7. Tsarnaev Family Welfare Benefits Said To Exceed $100K

  8. Their war, not ours »

  9. Joe Biden to Sen. Graham: ‘I will rip your skin off’

  10. Investigators find female DNA on Boston bomb evidence, search widow’s home

  11. State Dept. blocks Benghazi whistleblowers’ attorneys

  12. Trey Gowdy: Benghazi Congressional Hearings Coming – Will Be Explosive: Whistleblowers Will Be Protected

  13. Benghazi: Eye Witness on the Scene – Threats From State Department: Doherty Woods Deserve High Honor


  15. The Virulent Host of Demons

  16. Your Crown of Life

  17. Outrage as Police Take Baby From Parents Seeking 2nd Medical Opinion

  18. Istanbul Statement; Call to Pray for Syria

  19. Really Seeking God on Behalf of Our Nation during the National Day of Prayer

  20. Abortion Harassment Awareness Hits Quebec Highways

  21. Global Prayer for USA Underway Now

  22. Five "Manys" The Lord Will Perform

  23. Obama administration officials threatened whistle-blowers on Benghazi, lawyer says.

  24. The Government Accountability Office Investigating DHS Ammo Purchases

  25. Sign of a Worm & Word for Mexican & Native Americans

  26. Preach the Kingdom of God to the Nations!

  27. Pastor Abedini Sent to Solitary Confinement, Suffering Kidney Problems

  28. I Want A Pastor Like This!!

  29. Special Ops Benghazi Survivor Speaks Out Against Obama Administration (M.I. RELATED)

  30. BREAKING: Obama Administration Intimidating Benghazi Massacre Survivors Into Silence

  31. Obama is having some sort of news conference...

  32. They Could Have Been Helped!

  33. News From Marsha

  34. It’s NOT The Color!!!

  35. Who is Kira Davis?

  36. suddenly, fencing looks…..interesting.

  37. the DHS has been around a while…

  38. Dead for Tax Purposes

  39. In the pockets of the Green Party

  40. Sharyl Attkisson tweets House report; Reveals Hillary Clinton lied under oath about Benghazi; Update: WH altered talking points

  41. Gift this: Shameless Nancy Pelosi uses moms, Mother’s Day; Twitter gives her a time-out


  43. OUTRAGEOUS! Benghazi whistleblower says US has identified terrorist behind 9/11 attack but refuses to capture him

  44. Explosive Report Contradicts The Obama Administration’s Benghazi Story In A Big Way

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