Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Obama Drama (12-3-2012)



  1. Obama's Gamble Will Determine Second Term Success

  2. Video: Obama Felony Fraud Proven

  3. Obama and Reid's Fiscal Cliff Flip-Flop

  4. Merry Christmas, You're Fired...Love, President Obama

  5. Taking it to the President on the Fiscal Cliff

  6. Obama wants all of the money.

  7. Obama Has Golfed More Times Since Election Day Than Worked On Fiscal Cliff Deal

  8. Screenshot Of The Day

  9. President Obama honors Rosa Parks anniversary with picture of… himself

  10. Caption this...

  11. Obama to Ask DNC to Keep Wasserman Schultz as Chairwoman

  12. For Obama to be truly magnanimous. . .

  13. If Obama can’t fix the economy, did W really wreck it?

  14. Obama Admin (Again) Slams Israel Over Settlement Construction…

  15. White House Officials: Obama Willing To Go Over Fiscal Cliff If He Doesn’t Get His Tax Hikes…

  16. Obama Cuts Campaign-Style Video To Push Plan To Raise Taxes On Evil “Rich” People…

  17. We Must Attempt To Wound The Beast/ Obama

  18. Obama official signals end to war against al-Qaeda

  19. Removing Barack under the 25th Amendment

  20. President Obama Pays Homage To 'Stressed' David Letterman …

  21. Obama Administration Warns Syria’s Assad Not to Use Chemical Weapons against its Own People: “This is a Red Line for the United States” – Video Report 12/3/12

  22. Barack Obama's Diary: Take a hike

  23. Obama campaign still asking for donations

  24. Obama takes questions on Twitter about tax cuts/hikes #My2k

  25. The Reelection of Obama Reaffirms a Rot in America

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