Sunday, December 2, 2012

Obama Drama (12-1-2012)




    2. The Curse of the Photo Op President: "Millions Stuck In Dark, Cold"

    3. Obama campaigning for higher taxes citing 'Scrooge Christmas'

    4. Now That You Have Won Re-election, Mr. Obama…

    5. Video: Obama And Hitler Messiah Worship Compared

    6. Obama Fiscal-Cliff Posture Unserious And Dishonest

    7. Obama Tax Hike On Small Business Would Chill Hiring

    8. Pressure mounting on Obama over pipeline decision

    9. Obama's Insulting Fiscal Cliff Proposal Lauded as 'Strategic Move'

    10. Obama and Abbas Are Destructive to the People They Represent

    11. Obama fiscal cliff plan DOA with GOP on the Hill

    12. Is Obama Fowling Up Domestic Energy Production?

    13. Obama could spur quick recovery simply by relaxing government’s iron grip on American business

    14. Thanks Barack. Wal-Mart to Drop Insurance for New Hires

    15. Obama Administration Silent After Egyptian Constitution Restores Slavery

    16. Can Obama ever stop playing politics?

    17. Obama needs media cover to win political battle over fiscal cliff

    18. Presidential Leadership On Entitlements

    19. Team Obama’s fiscal cliff proposal is just not serious

    20. Obama Administration Says Small Businesses Don't Complain About Obamacare - Let's Refresh Their Memory

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