Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Obama Drama (11-19-2012)




    2. Obama repeatedly mispronounces Aung San Suu Kyi's name

    3. Obama, leaders want fiscal deal by Christmas

    4. Dreaming Of Barack Obama’s Forced Retirement

    5. Obama Stole The Election With Massive Voter Fraud

    6. Did Obama Rig The Voting Machines?

    7. Video: Obama Trafficking Guns To Al-Qaeda

    8. Another Obama Administration Scandal Explodes into the News

    9. A crime far, far worse than Watergate must be punished or freedom dies.

    10. Conspire, Divide & Smear

    11. Obama Is Passive-Aggressive toward Israel

    12. Obama’s War With The Military

    13. Obamawar

    14. Obama ´may have known about Petraeus affair BEFORE election´

    15. The charmer-in-chief: Obama gets flirty as he schmoozes with Thai prime minister on first stop of historic Asia visit

    16. The Ugly Truth About Benghazi: Obama White House Lied to American People

    17. Obama Speech in Burma Met With Tepid Applause

    18. Obama Regime Refuses To Criticize Turkey’s Accusation That Israel Is A “Terrorist State”…

    19. Pew: Obama Enjoyed “Surge” Of Positive MSM News Coverage During Final Week Of Campaign…

    20. There's No Denying the Baracka Claus Phenomenon

    21. Barack Obama Blunders Again On The World Stage

    22. Obama Restrains Israel While Paradise Stocks Virgins

    23. Team Obama Scrubbed CIA Talking Points On Benghazi Attack: Removed Terror References

    24. Creepy Joker-esque Mural of Obama in Burma, His Speech at Rangoon University Met with Mixed Reactions

    25. Obama Warns Israel Against ‘Ramping Up’

    26. The Constitutionist-Obama is not a natural born citizen

    27. Obama: I Can't Tell You the Truth About Benghazi, But Here's A Picture of Me Making a Funny Face

    28. Barack Obama White House Denies Editing Out “Terror” From Benghazi Talking Points

    29. Obama: Destroying Hope For Small Business

    30. Obama Held First Meeting After Election With Socialists & Communists

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