Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Article Read (11-26-2012)


  1. Daily Read – November 26

  2. The Voyage of the Ship of State - a Look into the ...

  3. Keep Pursuing Your Dreams

  4. Giving Thanks When Thanksgiving Is Over

  5. Thanksgiving Brings Breakthrough

  6. Can a Christian Be Demon-Possessed?

  7. Public Prayer Battles Heating Up

  8. Could Prayer Be Causing US Abortion Rate Decline?

  9. Wannabe

  10. what makes a good morning for me... 1/2 a project...

  11. God Says, "Apprehend It, Grasp It"

  12. Jesus Speaks to Syrian Widow

  13. Nativity Success in Illinois

  14. Supreme Court decides this week whether to rule on gay marriage.

  15. President of Uganda Repents to Christ and Calls for National Repentance.

  16. Do You Ever Fall Asleep While Praying?

  17. Meet Your New Boss….

  18. Demographics: Sale of adult diapers exceeds baby diapers...

  19. Update: Arizona gun store owner who banned Obama voters says business is booming...

  20. Senate GOP whip John Cornyn on Harry Reid's planned filibuster nerfing: “It will shut down the Senate,”

  21. Texas School: Boston Tea Party Was a Terrorist Act...

  22. The Few, The Proud… Not Girlies

  23. Boneheads Of The Day

  24. NY Teachers Union Sees The Bernanke/Obama Fiscal Cliff Ahead Resulting From Low Treasury Rates

  25. Is Your Kid’s Teacher A Cheat?

  26. Why the hell not?

  27. Will it come to this? Should it?

  28. Eric Cantor on Fiscal Cliff: Obamacare Ought to be on the Table (Video)

  29. Former Mayor & Mother of Three Tortured and Assassinated in Mexico

  30. Top UN Climate Change Official Calls For Global “Revolution” Engineered By “Centralized” Governments…

  31. Obama State Department In Egypt: “We Are Glad [Mubarak] Is Gone”…

  32. Shame on Fordham

  33. Supreme Court vacates 4th Circuit Liberty University Obamacare decision and remands


  35. Kill lists for me, but not for thee

  36. The Next Islamist Domino – Jordan

  37. Peter Suderman Deals with the WAL MART issue using reason and economics

  38. Suspended by Twitter for a FOLLOWER Crying Over “Vulgar” Tweet

  39. Another Laughable Benghazi Lie

  40. Dear readers all I ask is this

  41. Noted douchebag: Secession movement is RAAAAACIST!

  42. Obama administration promotes welfare to new immigrants

  43. "Ask Me for the Keys to the Next Two Years"

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