Friday, November 30, 2012

Obama Drama (11-29-2012)



  1. Herbert Hoover Obama?

  2. Obama punishes British Petroleum

  3. Obama, Romney to meet at White House Thursday

  4. Did Obama Just Lie To Israel Again?

  5. Video: Obama Sends Yes-man To Fox To Help Cover Up Benghazi

  6. Obama Vs. House On Guns: Who Will Prevail?

  7. How Obama Aided And Abetted Hamas Attacks

  8. Video: Let Obama Drive Off The Fiscal Cliff

  9. Calling Obama’s Bluff

  10. Obama Rejects Bill To Give Visas to Educated Immigrants

  11. If nation goes over fiscal cliff, Obama will be sunning himself in Hawaii

  12. Those Fleeing Obama’s America: Prepare to be taxed 

  13. Obama and Democrats seem to be losing the healthcare debate...

  14. Obama So Worried About Fiscal Cliff He’s Taking 3 Weeks Off To Vacation

  15. Royal Obama Family Off to Hawaii For 17 Day Vacation

  16. Obama’s Fiscal Cliff Proposal: $1.6 Trillion In Tax Hikes, $50 Billion In Stimulus Spending, Obama Can Raise Debt Limit Without Congressional Approval…

  17. Obama's Objective is Transforming an Unjust America, Not Economic Growth or Averting a Recession

  18. Barack? I Hope He Succeeds (in Going Over the Cliff)!

  19. A Recession Only Helps Obama Grow Government

  20. Obama And The Fiscal Cliff

  21. Obama's laughable "fiscal cliff" offer...

  22. I Got Dem Blues with Obama

  23. Sh*t Obama Says......

  24. Obama's Trying to Pull a Fast One

  25. Leadership In The Obama Era: A PR Blitz On The Fiscal Cliff

  26. Obama Gets a Tug From Ladyboy

  27. #Benghazi: Obama’s Lack of Concern On Rice’s Lies (Updated)

  28. Voters' Remorse: O's approval rate drops to 49%

  29. Obama White House has revised jobless claims upwards 88 of the last 90 weeks

  30. “What Is Obama So Afraid Of?”

  31. President Obama needs to wake the hell up regarding the Muslim Brotherhood

  32. Obama Camp Didn’t Pay Off All Of Hillary’s Debt

  33. Oops! Sorry Kids… Obama Forgot to Tell College Students He Cut Pell Grants Before Election

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