Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Article Read (11-16-2012)


  1. Dear Republican Establishment: a letter from the conservative grassroots

  2. Nice Losers

  3. Denny's Joins Growing List of Restaurants Considering 'Obamacare Charge'

  4. Why Did Cantor Protect Obama? 

  5. Global warming stopped 16 years ago, reveals Met Office report quietly released... and here is the chart to prove it

  6. Video: Petraeus Love Triangle Part Of Benghazi Cover-up

  7. Video: Secession!

  8. Video: Busted: Obama’s Fieldworks Office Admits Funneling Money To Defeat Allen West

  9. Outrage Grows Over Official Corruption In Allen West Recount

  10. We Will Soon Know The REAL Character Of General David Petraeus

  11. Video: Upside Down Flag Protests Over Election Results And Benghazi

  12. Camp Bastion Families Want Answers About Afghanistan

  13. Coming Soon:  The American Spring

  14. Heartbreaking

  15. Understanding?

  16. New Nanny State Proposal: “Smoker’s license”

  17. Hmm...St. Lucie Board of Elections admits “mistakes were made” counting Allen Wests election

  18. After the Benghazi disaster, the CIA is really worried about global warming...

  19. Bringing it: Israeli Air Force struck some 70 targets in the Gaza Strip in one hour...

  20. Obamanomics Kills Another – RIP Hostess and 19,000 Jobs.

  21. SCANDAL: Petraeus Breaks From Obama – “Terrorism From The Start” (UPDATE)

  22. Not Weary in Well Doing – Bob Torango

  23. Yes, I Will!

  24. Walk in God’s Supernatural Power!

  25. Franklin Graham: US Has Turned Its Back on God

  26. You're On the Brink of Breakthrough!

  27. Praying for Peace in the Holy Land

  28. Pentecostals And Miracles

  29. Praying the Way God Desires

  30. Navy Psalm 39:12 ESV on “Hear My Prayer”

  31. A Sincere Thank You

  32. Quote Of The Day

  33. Work-Related Of The Day

  34. Bonehead Of The Day

  35. Video Of The Day

  36. Who Changed The CIA Talking Points On Benghazi?

  37. Union Greed Killed The Twinkie

  38. why “nation building” is utter horsecrap

  39. Hysteria in Australia over what priests might hear in Confession

  40. Benghazi...

  41. Buh Bye Twinkies...

  42. Swift Vets Promise to Regroup if John Kerry Is Nominated as Secretary of Defense (Video)

  43. If CIA knew Benghazi attack was terrorism “almost immediately” .

  44. Prophet Dutch Sheets Response to the Presidential ...

  45. The Death of Twinkies

  46. Face the brutal facts but never stop believing in the coming revival.

  47. ★The REAL Miss America★

  48. Petraeus Scandal Betrays Deep Islamic Infiltration of the Obama Administration

  49. At Least SOMEBODY in the GOP Noticed the Voter Fraud

  50. Shun these businesses that donate to POS and Dems

  51. Ezekiel Foretold the Israeli/ Palestinian/Iranian/Egyptian Conflict Almost Three Thousand Years Ago

  52. REPUBLICAN INSIDER: “Petraeus Gave Us An Opportunity – Now We Need All Of Your Help”

  53. Benghazi: Don’t Fall for the Misdirection

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