Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Article Read (5-31-2013)


  1. Media slow to connect dots from IRS to Obamacare

  2. Obama surrenders

  3. Holder heat intensifies Judiciary chair rips AG's testimony 'flip'

  4. Obama's travel gets more scrutiny as sequester affects summer plans

  5. Poll worker who voted for Obama multiple times convicted of voting fraud

  6. McConnell’s new attack ad features Obama’s most chilling words

  7. Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti Alive And Well In The USA

  8. McCain Wasn’t Posing With Rebel Kidnapper, Spokesman Says

  9. Obamacare's Slush Fund Fuels A Broader Lobbying Controversy

  10. How to Face the Future with the Peace of God

  11. A Practical and Biblical Vision for Flourishing Cities


  13. How Bad Do You Want It?

  14. Ears to Hear/Hearts to Obey

  15. The Word of the Lord for June 2013 & Beyond

  16. Speak Your Faith.. “My ‘Speak to the Wind’ Testimony”

  17. Samuel Rodriguez: Religious Freedom Is an Endangered Species

  18. MSNBC Declares Eric Holder – “The Moses Of Our Times” (VIDEO)

  19. The Top Twenty Obama White House Scandals…

  20. War Veteran Fires Warning Shot To Warn Home Intruder – Authorities Take Away His Gun…

  21. Stagger Lee...

  22. The Evil Invasion

  23. Dick Morris: Obama Must Have Been 'Deeply Involved' in IRS Targeting

  24. Obama administration to blame for jailing of hero Bin Laden doctor, says Pakistani Report

  25. 4 Houston firefighters die while responding to 5-alarm fire, official says

  26. Three Possible Explanations for MSNBC's Ratings Woes


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