Friday, June 14, 2013

My Article Read (6-12-2013) (6-13-2013)


  1. ACLU sues Obama administration officials in NSA phone surveillance case

  2. Snowden: 'Neither a traitor nor hero. I'm an American.'

  3. Grandmother defends husband and home, misses intruder

  4. Obama admin refuses to focus on jihadists; targets American citizens instead

  5. R.I.P Jeffrey Lynn Rutledge

  6. “If Obama Has Nothing To Hide, He Has Nothing To Fear”

  7. Video: Troops Targeted By NSA For Anti-Obama Views

  8. You Are Being Led To Slaughter

  9. Putin lectures Obama on privacy

  10. Deputy director of CIA resigns after 33 Years!

  11. The Futility of Excessive Frugality

  12. Being Led by God by Os Hillman

  13. IRS Cancels Order for Spying Equipment.


  15. Gospel Industry Veteran Donna Creer and Husband Killed in 'Suspicious' Fire

  16. SBC's Fred Luter: While We Are Arguing About Theology, Lost People Are Going to Hell

  17. Joe Biden Declares Al Gore President Of The United States…

  18. What Happens When A Conservative Walks, Talks, And Governs As A Conservative? THEY WIN.

  19. It's Wednesday...

  20. 5 Famous People You Won't Believe Didn't Exist

  21. Psst: There are four separate scandals going on at EPA right now

  22. I Don’t Have To Obey The Law!

  23. just DEPORT them! NOW! And Gillard with them.

  24. FFS!

  25. You might want to take the Bus….

  26. “We’ll keep the red flag flying here.”

  27. Author of The Closing of the Muslim Mind: Queering Education - It's worse than you think

  28. Valedictorian Defies No Prayer In School Rule - Says Lord's Prayer

  29. Latest Obama scandal has even New York Times sounding like Tea Party

  30. Progressives, Democrats must stand with New York Times against Obama...

  31. OBAMA OUT OF CONTROL: Tap Your Phones, Take Your Guns, Flip Your...

  32. Secret Service "Visits" Outspoken Critic of Obama - Because of Twitter?

  33. How closely is the NSA listening? These trolls are about to find out

  34. Video: Beck: New Whistleblower Document Will Take Down Government

  35. Video: Ben Swann Naming Names In IRS Scandal

  36. Sarah Palin to Bill Maher: I hope a bully ‘flattens your lily white wimpy . . .’

  37. 14 United States Governors : Prepare State Militia Defenses, To Be Ready Against Obama’s Rogue Federal Forces!

  38. The People are Pissed

  39. Mali manual suggests al-Qaida has feared weapon

  40. 1 Month On: FBI Director Admits He Doesn't Know Who Is Leading Investigation into Targeting of Conservative Groups

  41. Evangelist Will Graham Preaches Message of Hope and Peace to 21,000 in Kisumu, Kenya

  42. God's Mysterious Ways:
    When The Lion Roars His Call Is Not Tame

  43. Tim Tebow’s ‘Spirituality’ No Small Factor For Patriots Owner Robert Kraft.


  45. God’s End Time Army

  46. Your Harvest is Being Multiplied!

  47. Iran Embassy Demonstrations Worldwide Today for Pastor Saeed Abedini, Human Rights

  48. The Perfect Obama Firewall Visual…

  49. Obama Promises All He Cares About Is Governing – While At Political Fundraiser

  50. Does lying matter?...

  51. This country is becoming surreal...

  52. Wild Bill – English Courage

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