Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Article Read (5-15-2013)


  1. Eric Holder's painful day

  2. IRS sued for stealing medical records

  3. Graham: IRS targeted Samaritan's Purse and Billy Graham Ministries

  4. Obama classmate audited 2 years ago now 'vindicated'

  5. ABC analyst drops bombshell: People very close to Obama authorized IRS actions

  6. Poll: What should happen to the IRS officials who targeted conservative groups?

  7. Pelosi: IRS was wrong for targeting groups, but they deserve it

  8. Strong Solar Activity

  9. The Father Says Today: May 15th, 2013 by Russell Walden...

  10. SELF as an Enemy

  11. Why Old Testament Prophecy Still Matters

  12. Prophetic Courage: Where Are the Paul Reveres of This Generation?

  13. Need An Adjustment? God is Building Momentum

  14. Franklin Graham: IRS targeted us, too.

  15. D.C. turns on Obama

  16. Ears to Hear/Hearts to Obey


  18. Black Pastors: Church 'Woefully Uninformed' About Abortion's Impact

  19. Jeff Mills "God did not give us local churches to become Country Clubs...

  20. BREAKING: Obama White House Just Caught In HUGE Lie/Contradiction – See Proof Here.

  21. Prominent Catholic Silenced By Obama IRS Attacks…

  22. Impeachment Possibility Grows For Obama White House…

  23. How to Wrap Your Extension Cord Like a Contractor...

  24. Hey, government workers: Did you think your lifetime health insurance was safe?...

  25. John Boehner: Who's going to jail?...

  26. Reporter That Challenged Obama Claims Being Harassed by the IRS

  27. When Tea Party groups began to voice concerns about IRS...

  28. 12 down, 38 states to go. The jubilation on progressives...

  29. Should we Profile Male Muslims?

  30. Brits surrender to goat-humpers:

  31. Whoa: Report suggests IRS, WH monitored conservative group at same time; Amended

  32. Did the IRS Target the Tea Party because of a Democrat Request?

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