Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Article Read (3-22-2013)


  1. Does GOP Establishment Stupidity Have Any Limits?

  2. Here's why black voters might be the GOP's secret weapon

  3. Obama admin stonewalling on big ammo buildup

  4. Obama Covers Name of Jesus at Georgetown – Stands Under Poster of Arafat in Palestine

  5. Video: Wife Exposes Cheating Husband On Billboard!

  6. Indeed!

  7. Intellectual Froglegs – The Liberal Whisperer

  8. News From Marsha

  9. *rolling eyes*

  10. Tree of Righteousness

  11. Rapper Mack Maine: My Mom Was About to Abort Me, but Got Saved

  12. What the Pentecostal Voice Can Do

  13. Understanding the Role of the Watchman

  14. Kansas House Passes Bill Saying Life Begins at Fertilization

  15. The Ultimate Victory

  16. Obama an unqualified disaster in the Middle East. They like George Bush more than Obama.

  17. Flustered Barack Obama on the back foot over Israeli settlements

  18. Ears to Hear/Hearts to Obey

  19. L.O.L. – Obama Operative Claims “Obama Doesn’t Attack Rush Limbaugh or Fox News”

  20. Joe Biden’s $600,000 ONE NIGHT Hotel Bill…WTF????

  21. Biden: "If you need more than 3 rounds to hunt you're an embarrassment"...

  22. Comcast Bans All Ads For Guns And Ammo…


  24. Nullification: Smacking Down Those Who Smackdown The Constitution

  25. Anonymous Hackers to Resume Operation Iran – Video



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