Thursday, August 20, 2009

Audie L. Murphy-Personal Life


     In 1945, Murphy married Wanda Hendrix. They divorced in 1951.

     After wards, Murphy married former airline stewardess, Pamela Archer. Murphy and Pamela had two children, Terrance Michael "Terry" Murphy and James Shannon "Skipper" Murphy. Murphy's sons were named after two of his friends, Terry Hunt and James "Skipper" Cherry.

     Murphy was a successful actor, businessman, and rancher. He owned ranches in Texas, Tucson, Arizona, and Menifee, California.

     Murphy became interested in Freemasonry in 1955. He was encourage by his friend, James Cherry, to join the Masonic Order in California. Murphy became a member of the 32nd Scottish Rite Mason and shriners upon his return to Texas. He was active in various Masonic events and was a member in good standing for the rest of his life.


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